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Jan 10, 2004
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What sorta mean/horrible/cruel things did you do as a child?:)

I remember once in the fourth grade there was this annoying,religious kid in our class and most of everyone disliked him.One time we were in the gym,and he was pointing something out to me.His finger happened to be close to another girl sitting across from us,so I started a rumor saying that he was pointing at her vagina.Another incident had him coming to school,after having sat in peanut butter and jelly or something like that,so my friends started saying he s**tted himself.

On a serious note,I later regretted being as mean to him as I was.He really wasnt all that bad,but inspired a great dislike in people for some unknown reason.:confused:

Also in elementary school,I randomly spat in a sandwich and gave it to some kid.I'd always bring Lunchables and he's always ask me for some goddamn sandwich.I didn't mind much but one day I just decided to make him one of those cracker sandwiches and spit in it.He ate it,whislt giving me suspicious glares.At some point me and some of the other kids I sat with laughed and somehow he found out.It was fun.When we went upstairs he told the teacher and instantly I lied and said it was the aforementioned Peanut butter **** kid,who was also sitting at the table while this was happening.It didn't matter though,because nobody got in trouble,and the kid who ate it knew it was me anyway.The End.

Thats about as mean as I got,without verbally insulting someone.:confused:

Okay,now you go.:)

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I beat up a kid once merely because he annoyed me with his stupidity. He's always ask dumb questions and say stupid things to try to be funny. I found him irritating and first chance I got I beat the crap out of him. He never acted stupid again.
I was more the kid who would help the kids who were being picked on. And I would stand up to the mean kids. The funny thing was I was the smallest kid. They all hated me because I was the only person brave enough to fight back. I got in a fight with someone 2 feet taller then me this year. He fought like a girl. das all i gotta say
When I was younger, I was a little terror; I eventually grew out of that stage, but I have a few pretty funny stories.

When I was 7, I filled my super-soaker up w/ rubbing alcohol, and went around spraying people in my sub-division.

My mom stopped letting me read Calvin and Hobbes stories when I was 4 or 5 because I ran outside naked one time, and I peed on our neighbors pricy garden flowers. Those Calvin and Hobbes stories were my bibles.:O

Once, I kicked this kid w/ down-syndrome in the balls, because he was scrunching his face, and making weird growns.

I also was punished one time, because I told one of my friends that dried-out grass doesn't catch fire; he tried to experiment w/ his backyard, and I was grounded for a month.

My pre-adolescence was pure entertainment, and I was on restriction a lot. I just grew out of it as I became older.
I sawed the head off a statue once.
I use to call fat kids,"fatty fatty no friends". I also ate other children.
I was trying to kill ants outside by putting raid on a piece of bologna and a cat ate it and died:o
I used to throw caviar at homeless people. Still pretty fun actually.. heh heh heh
I tossed a kid down the stairs at boyscouts.
I got one of my elementary school teachers fired.

Thats all
i was only ever mean in retaliation.
When I was in first grade, I stabbed a classmate with a just-sharpened pencil on his hand because he liked to tease me. So it's his fault. :o

In 5th grade, I hit a girl with hockey stick coz she tripped me on the field.
But she started it! :O

That's it for now. I'm a good girl, I am.
Abaddon said:
the journey matters not the destination
Why do I see Buddha in my mind? :confused:
Wise words there, sir.

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