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MegaMan ZX Scans


Jul 19, 2002
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ZOMG!!! You posted something non SONY related :eek: :p

Looks good... Im just glad its not another Mega Man card /trading/pokemon type game :up:
But I like MegaMan in all his/her forms. :(

Seriously you like can barely tell the difference between Boy and girl in this weird weird world of ZX. :o
Nice!! I still have to beat Maverick Hunter X and Powered up first.
I got the chance to see Maverick Hunter in motion and it's really smooth. Have you unlocked Vile mode yet?


I have a double report this time. First is the report you've all been waiting
to hear. I've now had the opportunity to play ZX, and it's more than everything you would have expected. There was a demo available at the recent Mydome Osaka Net Battle Event with two playable stages, both characters available, and all forms except the ultimate model and oddly enough the Model X. Although the game plays somewhat like Rockman Zero, it has many, many differences. To start, each form seems to have two regular attacks between which can be alternated rather easily. If I recall correctly the initial setup is B is jump, A is to make you go into some hyper mode where you can pull off all new moves. The energy bar beside the Model HX, LX, FX and PX is for that purpose, to measure the energy to pull off those moves. If you run out you can still use your touch screen features, and all your regular moves and abilities. So there's no need to worry about which form you use. X is switch Models instantly as we've seen in the videos, where the screen freezes as you quickly select your model, or you can also select via the start button bringing up your menu. The Y button activates the left hand or first attack, and the R button activates the right hand or second attack. For example, the Model ZX uses the saber combos with the Y button and uses the Z Buster with the R button. Then the L button is dash. But the amazing amount of forms and combos even available in the demo is simply so impressive itself. So there are very likely going to be more combos and more things available than in Rockman Zero. Also, in the human forms Vent and Aile seem to be able to sneak around a lot more going underneath blocks and getting into hidden areas and such. Although aside from that, I'm not quite sure what the use or need for the human form is since the transformation seems to be unlimited and you can switch between them at any time.

Second point of interest that I'll bring up is the story and animation. Aside from the demo itself there was a video explained later by Takeshi. It seems Vent and Girouette are attacked by an unknown army during the transportation of the Live Metals. Live Metal Model X is in Vent's bike, which is blown up during the raid on their express. Vent and the Model X go off the cliff and from there it's necessary for Vent to use the Model X. There is also an animated sequence for the transformation and the arrival of the first boss in which the serpent like creature is animated in 3D like Glaga and Faltzer via the Rockman.EXE anime. Although I don't have all the information on the opening stage, I think it mostly speaks for itself. The first of the two stage choices is Area H. The Mission of that stage is to go in pursuit of a Live Metal hidden in the stage and defeat the boss who possesses the Live Metal. This stage, to me was the more interesting of the two. I only had time to play it as Vent, so I'm not sure if the story will differ between Vent and Aile at this stage, but I don't believe it does. From the beginning of the stage it's filled with Mettools and references to other Rockman games. There are tons of Cyber Elf, Golems, Pantheon Cores and such in the background or foreground presented as either junk or stuffed toys in the stage. Area H is a fair ground. Early on in the stage, not only do you come in contact with Mettools, but also a giant Mettool who acts as a midboss. We also find out this fair is the area Vent had gone with his mother 10 years ago. On that day was the Irregular Outbreak in that area, so Vent is uncomfortable there. However, Prarie, who acts as an Operator is able to cheer him up somewhat and lets him know herself, Girouette and the Guardians are all behind him. As the stage progresses it also seems to become apparent that there are tons of other paths to take, but not in the demo. There was a door I couldn't enter and a wall that looked suspiciously breakable. The boss of the stage is a purple colored mandrill Forceroid (Shadow Forceroid) named "Parpril, The Mandroid" He posesses the Live Metal Model P. Upon defeating him you're confronted with the Live Metal Model P which is, from the script, no doubt Phantom. Phantom, however, says his name is Shadow Live Metal Model P, and then talks with the one he calls master Model X. Live Metal Model X then tells Live Metal Model P that "Model V" is being excavated, and requests Model P lend its' power. Bringing us to the end of that stage, and to a screen that let me know Rockman ZX is Coming Soon. Now don't ask me, because I don't know what the Model V is either. Dr. Vile perhaps, as the series seems very connected with Zero. Or perhaps VAVA since he's so popular. Or maybe someone we don't know about yet. No matter what it is, it will be interesting I'm sure.

The other available stage is Area E, where your mission is about the same. You need to find the Live Metal hidden in the area by defeating the boss. This brings me to believe the game will contain various other missions as well where the goal is not to find a Live Metal. This stage you go through a base-like area defeating enemies along the way, such as the kind of enemies that originally attack you in the beginning of the game. The boss of this stage is the boss we've seen in various screen shots, the Forceroid who possesses the Model H, "Hibolt, The Raptoroid." He seems a bit more tricky than The Mandroid was, but still relatively simply. The power of the boss is twice as high on Normal as on Easy though. Anyway, upon defeating this boss you are talk with the Model H. Model H, who of course used to be Harpuia, tells you he protected humans hundreds of years ago and will lend his power again.

Another point of great interest here, and yet another thing ZX has that Zero did not. The entire game is voiced. All the dialogue is both in text and vocal, as well as the extra vocals for battles, transformations and such. Also, although only Model X, Model H and Model P got the chance to speak of the characters based on Zero series characters, but it seems they will have the same voice actors as they did in the Zero series.Ogata Megumi is the voice of Model H, Inada Tetsu is undoubtfully the voice of Model P, and although it was quite loud in the room, I'm quite certain that Model X is Mizushima Takahiro. The voices seem to sound quite clear and solid on the DS as well. As for the music, I didn't really pay close enough attention over the rest of the noise in the room, but it does seem to be relatively similar to Rockman Zero music styles.
Go into the infastructure and download the updates, you'll be able to play as roll. :p
Zenien said:
Go into the infastructure and download the updates, you'll be able to play as roll. :p

I can't. I have no wireless connection. :(
...and download the updated backgrounds, and expanded map packs and download other people's custom made levels... :(
what exactly is the plot this time? ZX? Is it connected to the X series?
They should make a next generation sequel to Megaman Legends. God, I so loved the first one...:(
It's Connected to the MegaMan Zero series for the Gameboy Advance, which is distantly connected to the X series. :o MegaMan Zero is very good, I'd recomend them if you liked X or the classic series. It's like X/Classic but much more free form.

Phaser said:
They should make a next generation sequel to Megaman Legends. God, I so loved the first one...:(

I agree, Legends 1 and 2 ruled so hard, I miss my MegaMan Legends. :(
I'm still kicking myself for not trying enough to get my hands on Megaman Legends 2...but ebay rules so I'll be getting it alongside a couple more other classic games that have gone the way of the Dodo very soon. :up:
The only blemish on Legends 2 is that it's fairly easy compared to Legends 1, but other than that (and it has no overall connecting mines, nt sure how you might feel about that):

Legends 2 > Legends
I'm sure Capcom is crying all the way to the bank.

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