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Michael Shannon Back with Jeff Nichols for Sci-Fi ‘Midnight Special’

Nichols directing a sci-fi film? I'm there.
Joel Edgerton Lined Up for Jeff Nichols' WB Sci-Fi Movie

Indie filmmaker Jeff Nichols has quickly been moving up the ranks having received acclaim for his second movie Take Shelter and having success with its follow-up Mud this year. Now he's directing his first untitled studio release and while his lucky charm Michael Shannon, who has appeared in all previous films, was quickly signed on, word now comes from Variety that Australian actor Joel Edgerton, who was so good in Baz Luhrman's The Great Gatsby for the studio, may take a role in Nichols' studio debut.

There are no details for the untitled sci-fi chase film set in the present day except that NIchols is directing the screenplay that was purchased specifically for him by the studio with plans to take a writing pass on it as well as producing it with Sarah Green and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones with plans to start production early next year. Glen Basner and Christos V. Konstantakopoulos are executive producing.

Similar to Nicholas, Edgerton has also been moving up the ranks as an actor in the past couple years, having taken on a key role in Gavin O'Connor's Western Jane GOt a Gun and being attached to the Whitey Bulger biopic Black Mass for Universal, which is currently trying to lock down a replacement for Johnny Depp in the lead.
With this, 'Her' and 'Inherent Vice', WB is on an indie-flavored roll!
With this, 'Her' and 'Inherent Vice', WB is on an indie-flavored roll!

That's good. I don't want major studios to only release big tentpoles. Studios have got to go back to mid-budget filmmaking, aswell!

A clip was shown
The clip shows a scene of two men and a boy in a van, and while one of the men goes into a gas station to buy snacks, the other (frequent collaborator Michael Shannon) leaves the van to make a phone call. The boy, meanwhile, is wearing strange goggles and starts hearing sounds outside. So he walks into the parking lot, stares into the sky and starts seeing lights.

The clip had a definite sci-fi vibe, especially when it became apparent that the young boy has special powers and has apparently attracted the attention of alien spaceships, who begin firing blasts at the gas station.

Also Nichols said he was real proud of it and that WB basically gave him full control
Take Shelter and Mud are contemporary classics. And the director behind those wonderful films is delving into sci-if? Cannot ****ing wait.


Wow. Looks very good.
Maybe just because it also is a mid budget sci fi movie but it's reminding me of Looper...which is a good thing.

Been anticipating this ever since it was announced and it does not look like it will disappoint at all
Just now realizing the boy is reading a Superman comic in the poster.
Great trailer..I just don't like that stupid sound effect. What is that suppose to be? Like a wind? I keep hearing it and i wonder if it's some stock sound effect.
All I can think about reading the title is the Creedence song of the same name.
Great trailer. I'm interested. I only found out about this yesterday through McWeeny.
If you've seen the trailer, isn't it hillarious that Michael Shannon is in this film? ;)
If you saw the title of the thread, you'd know Michael Shannon is doing this.:sly:
Falle Angel: But see the trailer and understand what makes it so amusing!

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