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Microsoft Original Programming


C'mon Son
Oct 29, 2008
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The announcement of the Halo series is cool and it really opens up some possibilities.

Do you think this is a good idea or not?

i think so especially if Microsoft eventually puts it up online through a subscription service. I would love to see them acquire something like Party Down or Terriers
I'm anticipating low quality garbage based on their games.
I don't like the fact the X1 is becoming a glorified cable box.
I have no idea if it's a good idea or a bad idea, time will tell I suppose.

I'm anticipating low quality garbage based on their games.

However I agree with Matt on what we can expect from it.
Still haven't seen Forward Unto Dawn, how was that?
By good TV show standards? Pretty awful.

By throwaway advertainment web series standards? Okay I guess.
For advertainment/web series it was good. Soapy is being bitter.
Considering the talent that is being involved with it, I have more faith in Microsoft's programing that I do with Amazon's.
The TV/movie style clips with the Spartan Ops were amazing. If it's like that I'll definitely be watching.
For me personally, having Spielberg's name attached means nothing. Even if he actually does have an active role in the creative process, his track record since the turn of the millennium has been so damn spotty that he's essentially become just another director to me.

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