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Microsoft Surface


Dec 10, 2004
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Didn't see any dedicated thread for this, but I just got a 128gb Pro model and I'm incredibly impressed and loving it. Anybody else have or thinking of getting one of these?
Strange, I was so sure we had one... :huh:

I would love to get one, but at 500 dollars and nearly 1000 for the Pro, I'm going to have to pass. :(
Ah you're right, but it's not even beyond one page, haha. mods can merge this if they want.

Anyways, I was in need of a new laptop, and while intrigued by tablets, they were just pretty useless to me. This combines that really well and is actually a pretty powerful little laptop with the fun of a tablet. I've heard Windows 8 is frustrating on regular PCs, but goddamn it's fantastic with a touch capable computer. I'm interested to hear if other people are enjoying it as much as I am, reviews seemed to have a lot of nitpicks.
I know I'm just one person, but I have Windows 8 on my laptop and I don't really find it frustrating. But I do not understand some of the choices Microsoft made when developing it. Like doing away with the Start Button and Menu to solely depend on the Start Screen. Part of me wished they just kept the desktop environment and combine some Metro UI elements to Legacy.
Windows 8 PCs to get cheaper with Microsoft OEM discounts The Windows operating system from Microsoft corporation holds a major portion of PCs around the globe. From a recent report its assuming that the software mega corporation Microsoft is considering giving a discount on its Windows 8 price to OEMs. Both the “Wall Street Journal” and the Asian electronics supply chain publication “DigiTimes” claims in their report that Microsoft has cut prices of Windows 8 and Office 2013 in an attempt to increase their sales. There is a chance of 10 to 20 percent discount in case of PCs and also would be applicable in touch screen laptops
I don't know much about the specs, but I was in a Microsoft store and these look very cool. It made my ipad feel inadequate. The main appeal to me was the keyboard.
Once you get used to having a full computer in tablet form, the iPad really does feel useless in comparison. Really loving this thing so far.
Which one do you have the RT or Pro?
Pro. It's pretty much like buying a new laptop. The RT just wasn't worth it, it's as useless as an iPad.
Was it able to give you the ability to dance like the people in the commercial or get crunk like the schoolgirls? :hmm

But seriously, sounds nice. Wish I could afford one, but I think buying a Windows 8 Ultrabook would be a better route.

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