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My excercise REGIME!!


Sep 11, 2001
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Yo, check this out! So I've finally started jogging. I was jogging yesterday and today. I did like people said, jogged for two minutes, walk for two minutes, and repeat for about half an hour. Man, both times I was exhausted. But I felt great, I really did. It's great to get out doors and just run about like a mad man. Gonna do it tomorrow, and every day hopefully. Only thing is, I put it off to yesterday because I hurt my toe 2 weeks ago. My toe still hurts, but I don't wanna hold back anymore, I wanna jog damnit!

So yeah. I was thinking when I get home from my morning jog, I'll do a few situps and crunches too, which I did this morning. 30 crunches and 30 situps. Heck, maybe I'll go nuts and throw in some pressups. I'm out of control!!

It's unbelievable how fat I've gotten over the last few months. It's my birthday tomorrow. If I get enough birthday money, I'll buy myself a digital camera. And I'll take a picture of my fat belly. Then maybe I'll take a pic of my belly once every week, to see if the jogging makes a difference and as incentive to keep the jogging up.
Be sure to do 60 crunches in the morning and before you go to bed after you've lost most of your weight, for abs.
....you know I have a fitness thread where you could've posted this.
man....i am so out of shape...i should start exercising...lol
Im going on a cruise in three weeks, so I better shape up.

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