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The Dark Knight Rises my idea for bb 3 lol i guess dat last one was on the wrong forum....please read.


Apr 9, 2006
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(k this is the third time i've posted this so please people reply i really want your opinions on this.)

this is my idea for BB3 continued from Maxwell Smart's idea so to understand it you need to read his BB2 and BB3 first on the sequel outline......check it out thread. although i kinda am doing my own BB3 from the part where Dent gets scarred. i decided to put my idea on my own thread since no one is noticing it on his thread. so here it is hope u like it.

Two Face doesnt team up with Joker, and penguin is still hiding somewhere because he is afraid that Dent will come for him. After Dent/Two Face escapes the hospital he shoots and kills Maroni and Interogates Black Mask who tells him that Joker was the one who sold Maroni the acid. Harvey flips the coin to decide whether to kill him or not. he gets heads. this keeps him from killing Mask and he instead leaves him to go look for Joker. Before Mask can leave Batman who saw the whole thing bursts in and interogates him about where harvey went he tells him and batman knocks him out and turns him over to the police. Two Face finds Joker at an old warehouse at the docks where he is making some sort of toxin. Two Face charges him and starts beating the crap out of him. he throws him into a table knocking him down onto the floor. Joker lays there battered and bleeding Two Face pulls out a gun and just before he can shoot him Batman jumps through a window and confronts two face. Two Face aims the gun at him and tells him to stay out of it. Batman tries to reach harvey but Two Face is completely in control. seeing there is no way out of this Batman reminds harvey of his coin and persuades harvey into flipping to decide. harvey takes out his coin but before he can flip it batman knocks it out of his hand and catches it. Two Face makes a grab for it but Batman throws it out the window into the lake leaving Two Face in a fetal position on the floor trapped in a world where no clear answer exists. When Batman looks up from Harvey Joker is gone along with his toxins. leaving batman and harvey in the warehouse where a bomb is about to explode! Batman uses his grappeling gun to swing out of the window with an unconcious harvey slung over his shoulder just before the warehouse explodes. Later Two Face is sent to Arkam Asylum where they are trying to heal his unstable mind. Batman is on the hunt for Joker who is running loose throughout gotham with this strange toxin. the next day Black Mask is found dead in his cell. Police find no bullet hole nothing. the only thing they find is that he has a huge smile on his face. An autopsy reveals he was poisoned by some unknown toxin. The prime suspect is Harvey Dent/Two Face but they dont know how he couldve got out of his cell. Meanwhile Penguin has returned to gotham and has taken back control of his nightclub and gang. Following the death of Black Mask the police interrogate thier prime suspect Harvey Dent but they only get mumbles from him since his mind is gone without his coin. Later that night Arkam Doctors are trying to calm Dent down because he is laughing uncontrollably. but despite the doctor's efforts dent dies with the same ghastly grin on his face as Mask.
this means the man who killed Mask wasnt Dent it was someone else.
they perform an autopsy on dent's body expecting to find the same toxin they found in Mask's body. but to their surprise they dont find anything.
later Penguin is in his mansion when he recieves and unexpected visitor Joker. Penguin is about to call secuirity but joker grabs him and throws him down into a chair. he pulls up a chair and tells penguin he has an offer for him. Since Maroni and all his buddies are gone he wants him to start supplying his arms for him. at first penguin refuses but after a little ''persuasion'' he accepts joker's offer. Batman is investigating the mysterious deaths and finds a pattern in the killings both victims had something to do with Maroni. Joker has taken control of Maroni's business and is hiring thugs to produce fear in Gotham's citizens. And is making money off of Penguin's night club. Batman learns of Penguin's connection to the killer and goes to his night club to get some answers. Batman corners him in his office in his nightclub and demands to know who he is working for. just before penguin can tell he falls over dead with a large dart in his back with a little flag on the end that says BANG! Batman turns over his body and to his horror sees the same Grin on his face as the other victims! Batman turns around just in time to see a dark figure running away. he chases the figure and corners him on a rooftop. he gets a good look at his face in the moonlight and sees that its Joker. he demands to know why he killed all these people. and joker says that after Maroni was killed he saw his opportunity to take control of the business and he knew dent would come after him so he let himself be beat up a little by dent because he knew batman would come. that way while dent was distracted by batman he could plant a bomb in the building and escape and be rid of Dent and Batman at the same time. when he learned that dent and batman survived he finished his toxin and went out to kill Mask because he knew while he was alive he couldnt pull this off and he wanted to make sure all remnents of Maroni were gone. He killed Dent because he knew he would try to kill him again if they ever healed his mind. so after that he made a deal with Penguin to sell him his arms so that he could use his men to inspire fear in the citizens of Gotham. he got half of the profits from Penguins nightclub so that he now had wealth AND power. Joker then mocks him about how he failed to stop him from killing his friend Harvey and how it took him this long to figure it out. Batman becomes enraged after listening to Joker laugh at him and punches him in the face. knocking him off the edge of the building. Joker is hanging off the edge of the building and nearly slips before batman decides to grab him. he pulls him up and Joker then tries to stab him with a knife just before batman knocks him out. Joker is then sent to Arkam Asylum and we see a cute young doctor come to his cell with a nametag that says Harleen Quinzel. k thats it tell me what you think.

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