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My latest stuff...


Aug 8, 2005
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It's been a long while since I posted anything on here...so i thought I would toss out some of my latest stuff...here's maybe my favorite piece I've ever done...DD!

The pics look nice but all the names and symbols that you put over them are really distracting.
I know amp...it is distracting. The names of the characters on the pic is kinda' my schtick. I like the whole pin-up look. unfortunately, some of my stuff has wound up in various places without credit so I "stamp" them with my company logo and throw my e-mail addy on there for further work. Thanks for takin' a look and the positive remark!
That's really awesome! Very cartoony! Me like! :)
I gave 'em another look and I'm really loving Daredevil and Batgirl. The other two aren't bad or anything but the poses and angles of DD and Batgirl make them stand out:up:
Thanks Sable...cartoons and animation are a pretty big influence on my stuff. And thank you amp, I like the angle on the DD one alot too. i checked your stuff out as well...I REALLY like the turtles pics and that Vendetta piece is really great! I like that guy chillin' on the guitar too...fun stuff!
i like these, they're different. and thats not a bad thing
thanks comic chick...I do like to seperate myself fro the pack...Ill post a couple more for now...thanks for lookin' gang and taking the time to comment

awesome iceman! he's one of my faves too
Thought I would post a few more pics here at the hype...here's a Bullseye i did up a while ago and just got around to coloring...

I like your style, but the pics are way too crowded. If you made them bigger you could put your email and logo in the corner and they wouldn't take up so much space.
really nice stuff. not digging the BlackCat though. i think its her mouth thats throwing me off.
Yeah you're right hatmonkey. I never really paid it no thought until you said something but the mouth is too skewed. Maybe I can warp it into a better position without doing the coloring over. I'll try it out. Thanks for looking!
I love the Iceman, Bullseye and the Phoenix, very frikkin' nice.
I quickly wanna' address the logo and e-mail addy on the pics( since I had two remarks on it). They are only placed on the pics when I post them in a public forum. Placement is not given any thought other than putting it somewhere that if it were cropped...it would effect the integrity of the pic. These are actual paid commissions I post, so it helps maintain the buyer's unique pic they bought. I find it less distracting than a huge watermark.
Thanks ookami...I'm havin' a great time plowing thru these X-men pics. I have Magneto, Storm, and Juggernaut underway and Banshee, Havok,Sabretooth and White Queen comin' up. Someone ordered twenty different X-men so I'll post 'em as I finish them.
Yer welcome always glad to share the love and appreciation. Can't wait for Sabre and Mags.
very nice original style i like it :) keep it up and maybe do Gambit, Iron Man or Blade :p
Thanks for takin' a look and the kind words Gambit Fan...I did this Gambit last year.


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