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Bruce Wayne has seen things...


Jan 25, 2005
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Haven't posted on here for a while so I thought I'd post one of my latest.
I won't fully take credit for this though as I got the idea from some Batman Begins sketch I saw a while ago (might have been on here actually).

Well anyway, tell me what you think.

Probably a bit weary looking for some peoples tastes...

That would make an awesome promo poster for a new animated series. Looks like something that might appear on HBO or something.

Nice work.
That's the kind of art that I'm always hoping to see when I get on here but hardly ever do. There is a lot of intelligent use of black in your picture. I dig the mood. Color job is nice too. I'd like to see more of your work.
I really like the amber background you've got going there. It's like you said, very Batman Begins.

These are drawings of mine that I've posted on here in the past just in case they haven't been seen...

The first two are a bit pixelated because I used to only use paint and paint shop pro.

These are extremely good. I love the atmosphere they generate.
Yeah I remember you work. I also remember saying that I think it would work well for a darker, more adult themed TV show.

Great work, got anymore?
I love everything except the Joker, because well, Joker's eyes are a little too off center.
nice man, think you should do your version of the gothamites and all its crazies. I like the style, might wanna work on your face lining up, like how the eyes are located on the Joker, seems a bit off. I love your color schemes, its great. Keep it up.
Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't noticed before but you're right about the Joker's eyes...I'll never be able to look at that drawing the same way again now

I'll try and keep this thread "fairly" active. I don't seem to get much free time lately but we'll see.

This is the latest thing I did. This was me being lazy as this isn't really mine to be honest..It's from a drawing that Al Rio did...I only did the colouring and background but I'll post it anyway.

Good lord thats nice, that would look great for a cartoon series.
Here I am again.

I literally finished this about ten minutes ago...see what you think.

Very nice!
The dead girl is one of your best.
Yes VERY Spawn the animated series like

And you know what? - I think youre art is better in a lot of ways my friend

I really want to more about you and your work

PM me some time I'm setting up a couple of webcomic projects One Horror one supernatural superhero and hopefully some animation stuff soon

The "Superhero" Character is in my Avvy
Thanks, deDIKnight

I don't really know what to tell about myself or my art but here I go...

I'm 21 and I've just finished a two year college course in art and design and I will be starting a degree this year in Graphic Design/Animation & Illustration so hopefully that'll be fun.
As for explaining my art...well, I suppose it's quite clear I'm a big fan of Batman. Also, one of my favourite movies is Blade Runner because I just love its visual style...the rain, the monochromatic colours etc. So I always try to give my drawings a similar style in mood and atmosphere...whether anybody thinks I actually accomplish this though is another matter..but I try

Below are two DVD covers I did as part of my final project at college. See what you thinks.

Again Fantastic work my friend - and goodluck with your graphic design course and career - so much talent in one so young is phenomenal

Lol it took me another 4 years to get to even close your standard 15 years ago, and even then it fell short of your sterling work here

But You didnt answer my question about the comic projects i'm doing my friend -

check out some of my work here on Silversables "does anyone here do fanart requests" thread and my "Deadeye Amalgam Comics Challenge" thread and on Smoke87s thread

I'd love to get these off the ground soon:up: :cool: :up:

Hey deDI, STOP SPAMMING!! You spam every art thread I can find trying to advertise your comic and get someone to draw. Make one thread, if anyone responds - LEAVE IT AT THAT. If you want to talk to an artist, PM them, don't fill the threads with this constant garbage!
Ok sorry I apologise

I didnt know what spamming is

And didnt realise what I was doing was against the rules


Dont call my stuff "Constant garbage" either

And this from a fellow canadian:confused: :down
I'm not calling your concept garbage, I think it's a good concept - I just don't like the samurai thing, too much Japanese things nowadays. When I said "constant garbage", I was reffering to your "constant posts".

Well Its not all about Japanese either - the guy who is blinded is a Canadian archeologist - his powers are from a japanese Goddess sure - but its GLOBAL the story

Bit much jumping to conclusions there bro

Most of the artthreads I do post in, I make friends in, and they are working or about to work with me

If I do anything else that offends your sensibilities in future - WHY dont you PM me Yourself and we can talk this out like Adults rather than embarrass me

Dont tar this Albertan with a black brush when his motives are White:up:
Why are you PMing me your replies to this thread? I don't care - and you shouldn't be so wrapped around what people think, especially in an online forum.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't message me any further, and please - have more respect towards Canada, calling me those terms isn't very nice.

Why are you continuing an argument in this thread?

I'm contacting you by PM to try and be reasonable and straighten stuff out Privately
out of this guys thread

I have A LOT of respect for Canada - dont impugn me any further please
Nice Batman picture, I like the concept.

hey guys settle down. deadeye is a good guy. he didnt mean anything by his posts. all he is trying to do is recruit people for his project and when he finds somebody he wants specifically, he will ask. all you have to do is say "not interested." or "i will give you pm" he is a nice guy. lay off of him.

the art in here is really good and i especially like the dvd covers. very good. do you do 3D dvd covers? if you dont, i think you should.

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