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My personal Batman reboot outline


Feb 16, 2003
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A few days ago for fun I challenged myself to come up with a way to reboot Batman and try to match Nolan's trilogy. I'm not done and I know I will probably get flamed for making my own thread, but it's 4am and I can't sleep. So here it goes...

- I want to base the storyline off Batman: Ultimate Evil. I thought it was excellent story and utilized a dark real life issue. For those not familiar with it, Batman ends up fighting child abuse and sex trafficking after meeting a social worker. And Batman kicks all kinds of ass, almost enjoying it. Think Batman meets Taken.

- I want to work in a regular villain as well. Right now I'm thinking the Riddler. Taking Nolan-esque liberties with character back stories, the Riddler would have been a victim of this child abuse which drives him mad and interweaves him in Batman's quest. Not sure how yet. Another consideration is making Penguin the head of the operation to avoid rehashing Falcone in the general audiences eyes. But probably not. The ballsiest move would be to work in Mask Of The Phantasm with Beaumont's back story being her catalyst. In that case I probably would use Penguin to give people a regular villain. I don't know yet.

- Batman gets involved after being summoned by Gordon due to Barbara being abducted. Then Batman can show his detective skills and meet the social worker. If I use Phantasm then it will be her. If not I would just Debra Kane. Either way that's the love interest.

- I want a more unhinged Bruce Wayne/Batman. Someone subtly hanging on to their sanity by a thread. And he has to question his morals. A part of him liked being playboy Bruce Wayne. The women are a momentary release from his darkness. And as the story goes on, the deeper Batman gets into the case the closer to snapping he gets. He thinks "look what happened to me as a child, and this is so much worse". I want it reflected in his fighting style that gets beyond brutal as the story goes on. I have a scene in mind with Batman punching in a car window and bashing the head of a baddie into the steering wheel. Not killing him, but bloodying the baddie.

- No straight origin, but I want flashbacks of Bruce in elementary school and as a teenager. Show how he was troubled and failed in attempts to be normal. Another scene idea is teenage Bruce at a house party, trying to fit in, only for drunk kid to make a joke about the poor rich kid that lost his parents. Bruce just snaps Spock style and kicks his ass. I'm even considering giving my Bruce a stint in the military that bombed.

- I want the grey batsuit, black mask/cape/boots/gloves. No speedo though.

- I want a reference to Man Of Steel because it's the same universe and acknowledging that they're are meta-human threats. In the sequel, because we need at least two movies to adapt to this new Batman before JL, he faces a meta-human villain on his own.

- The theme. Zimmer will tough to top. But it has to be done. So I want to step outside the box and get a good Japanese composer and orchestra. I think the Japanese emphasis on heavy drums and gongs can create a haunting atmosphere. Either that, or get the Terminator composer. But I like my Japanese idea.

- One last scene I have thought of so far is the opening sequence being a dream sequence. It's Christmas time and Bruce Wayne, clad in medical scrubs with a white jacket on that reads "Dr. Wayne". Bruce walks in, the entire house lit up and decorated, and is greeted by three young children belting out that daddy is home. Bruce hugs each one individually and has some small talk. A woman walks out, the camera not showing her face, and holds a miseltoe above Bruce and they kiss. This is obviously his wife. Out of nowhere, two voices call out for Bruce, one a man and the other a women. Bruce slowly looses his smile that's replaced with bewilderment. Bruce walks toward the kitchen area and says "Mom....Dad". Bruce turns around and the wife and children have vanished as everything around him starts to burn away. Bruce runs into the kitchen and BAM, he is in the bat suit standing his parents dead bodies. Looking up, Joe Chill is running away so Batman gets Chill with a Batarang, knocking Chill down. Batman jumps on top of him in a rage and begins pummeling Chill while screaming. Batman takes the batarang and without hesitation puts it in Chill's heart......the Bruce wakes, having fallen asleep in the Bat cave after a long night!

Well that is all I have for now. What do you think?
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Although I really don't think the studio would go with a script about child abuse, I think it's a cool idea. Perhaps Mad Hatter would be a fitting villain as well.

I've had similar thoughts about flashback ideas. What was Bruce like in high school or college? I think there's some great stuff to explore there.

Also, I love the idea of a japanese score; I'm thinking a lot of taiko. Hopefully the Wolverine doesn't already have that idea.
I actually considered Mad Hatter as a villain in this story idea. I may save him for my Arkham Asylum idea though.
I like that idea, but yeah, the chances of a child abuse plotline being picked up for a tentpole release is low.

But if Mad Hatter is ever picked up for a movie, Tom Waits is the only acceptable choice

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