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Dec 25, 2003
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After the recent news about certain "deaths" and suprises in X3, I grew to realize this could definatly work for a future sequal: X4. I made a rough draft of what I think could be the story of X4....

In this climatic ending to the X-Men movies, the mutant cure is still a hot topic. Many mutants’ powers slowly return: in more powerful and different ways. Some even contract an illness labeled “legacy” that proves to be devastating and rumored to be a conspiracy planted by the government. The virus quickly spreads in the United States and quickly divides the Nation. Mutants begin riots and the president declares martial law. The Presidents close associate Bolivar Trask introduces what he calls a “final solution” to protect America and stop the mutants: Project Wideawake a secret program to create robotic hunting machines called sentinels.

Meanwhile the X-Men quickly get involved with the debate, Primarily Beast who knew of the Sentinel Plans if matters got worse. They all are slowly getting over the recent deaths of Professor X, Cyclops and the resurrection and death of Jean Grey. Storm has taking over and the school is now looked at by many as a safe and trusted place for mutants. But just as they start to settle in, old wounds quickly return as Emma Frost, a former student and member, returns for a visit. Frost had a falling out with the professor and was quickly disliked by many of her teammates for not only her incident with the professor, but also the love triangle she got in with Cyclops and Jean Grey. Frost has now opened a new school along with members of her high class New York club called the Hellfire Club. She wants to recruit some students from the school which quickly sparks old troubles between her beast, and storm. One student in particular, Jubilation Lee, quickly draws to her liking. Frost also fears of the events happening and has strong feelings that things will get much worse.

Now with Magneto out of the picture, a new mutant threat arises. A British scientist Nathanial Essex, nicknamed “Dr. Sinister”, begins to round up mutants for his plans. Essex, a mutant himself, is known for his cruel experimentation on mutants to use their DNA to not only make them stronger, but to make him nearly invincible. One individual in particular becomes Sinister’s ultimate weapon: Scott Summers aka Cyclops. Thought to be killed by former lover Jean Grey, Sinister found the mutant to use for his own liking. Sinister also recruits his henchmen or as he calls them “Marauders” to help him with his job. Some of these mutants include Remy LeBeau, a Cajun card playing mutant always in trouble with the law, Fred Dukes, a very large mutant and former circus freak, and Mystique Magneto’s former right hand woman who is now back to her mutant self and more powerful than ever thanks to him. Sinister is also known to be very crazy. He is very obsessed about on thing in particular: the legend of En Sabah Nurh: The Apocalypse. Said to be the first and most powerful mutant and from ancient Egypt, legend has it he still lives and grows stronger through other mutants to eventually one day rise again more deadly then ever. Sinister claims to have a telepathic connection with him and his ultimate plan is said to be the final step for En Sabah Nurh’s return.

Another mutant sparks Sinister’s interest: Rogue who hasn’t been doing so well since she took the cure. Although she can finally touch people, she feels isolated from the School for her decision. What’s worse is Bobby’s fondness for Kitty has grown more and it seems Rogue is getting out of the picture. To make matters worse, the Russian mutant Colossus gets involved. Kitty and Rogue grow fond for him as well and he quickly grows a liking for both. Rogue is also beginning to feel different as well. With word the cure is mutating its subjects, and killing some, Rogue begins to feel ill and has stints on uncontrolled and sporadic power surges. She notices her absorption powers seem to return randomly and are more powerful than before. She also has unexplainable moments of great strength, reflexes and agility. Her attitude quickly changes and slowly pushes Bobby,who is beginning to feel wary of the changes at the school, and the others away. One person who she can still trust is Wolverine who is also having some issues as well.

Now a full fledged and involved member of the team, Logan seems overwhelmed with all his responsibilities. He leads the new members of the X-Men and trainees in the Danger Room, and begins a romance with Storm. But Logan is still getting over his mercy killing of Jean and the death of the professor and supposed death of Cyclops, whom he never really settled his conflict with. To make matters worse, Logan’s nightmares are worse and new. He seems to be having expanded dreams of the Weapon X program where he sees other mutants as his colleagues and has dreams of experiences in Japan, all unexplainable. With the pressures and nightmares Logan has, it seem all too much for the former loner to handle.

Back on Muir Island, Moira MacTaggart is shocked to see the return of Professor X in a comatose mans body. She, along with her fiancé and former X-Member Sean Cassidy, decide not to tell the X-Men and try to help him. They quickly notice this isn’t the professor they knew and loved but he seems to be more aggressive and much more powerful. They try to get help from Xavier's old friend and enemy Magneto who has been in hiding since the San Fransico incident and is not surprised about his colleagues return. Magneto also begins to show signs of his cure reversal as he grows to realize he is now slowly dieing from the cure. With the events happening in America and the dramatic return of Xavier, Moira fears for Xavier and believes an onslaught of events are near....
I really like the first 2 paragraphs, after that it seems a little repetative of the previous movies. Really good start.
right thats alot for one movie, i think it's better off going sinister in 4 and apacolypse in 5 and 6 or something

sinister is due his own villanous movie so that when apacolypse comes and *****es sinister around it shows how bad ass apacolypse is

and plus i think apacolypse is so undefeatable that defeating him should literally be 2 movies(on the surface) in the making (3 if they do sinister right i.e. scott and jean dna to create cable) but yeah, the story you wrote is good, and i could easily see it being done, just stretched out a bit
I like your plot but it does seem a bit cramped. I made a plot for X-Men 4 aswell. I posted it in the Ideas for the Next Trilogy thread. Please tell me what you think about it.
masterj how long ago did you post it? i always like reading people ideas and once i hash mine out will probobly post one as well

was it a recent one? or a couple pages back?
Mr. Sinister and Archangel!

Sentinels all movie long and Morph!
I posted it recently. It's on page 4 well it is page 4 lol.
moprh would kick ass

....bruce campbell? jason lee?
apocalypse wouldnt really be in the movie though. it would just be more of a reference to him and that there is a group of telepathic mutants who "worship" him somewhat and believe he'll come back again almost like their version of jesus. i do need to fix it up though this is just a rough draft

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