My Xbox Died


Shasta McNasty
Feb 16, 2003
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I'm sure there's a thread for this, but I don't care... I was having a ****ty day so I get home and all I want to do is play a little Rock Band. So I power up the 360 and then bam, Ring of Death. The ****ing cherry on top of my day. Is there still that long couple of month wait for costumer service? Is that my only option?
You could buy a new one....

Or wait to get yours back...
I actually just called mine in (has been getting random unreadable disc errors on every single disc I put in)...they told me a week for the box, then up to 5 weeks to get it repaired and sent back.
Red Ring of Death is a complete replacement and some get theirs back in less than two weeks.
It took me two days to recieve my box and five days to recieve my XBOX back. This was about two weeks ago.
it took about two weeks for my cousin to get his back.I'd imagine the norm is around two weeks.
After months of saying that i had no problem with my 360, it died :(
And the weird part is, it was unplugged, it was when i plugged in and turned it on, that the red lights appeared.
So, the question is, does the new cpu, the falcon, have any problem too?

The 3 red lights are laughing at me....make them stop....
Try it again after a while. Odds are it will start working again.
I know you all aren't noobs but just for the sake of saying it...

Are we trying to start it up without the hard drive before we call it officially 'dead'?
no, none of us do the first thing every troubleshooting guide tells you to do, cause we're all morons :rolleyes:
mine hasn't died yet.. though i think it will soon.. sometimes it gets very loud, and makes weird noises, and has frozen more often... i think it getting sick... :(
I did everything, from unpluging all cables, reinsert them try booting the system again; start it up with and without luck.

My 360 was proclaimed dead at 5:45 p.m, GMT :(
My 360 got the red ring once. I left it alone for a few days. Then one day, it was working again.

Three months later, it crapped out again.

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