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Aug 25, 2006
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Hey as some of you who frequent here may know, I'm Tempest19- writer of Spider-Man 4, 5, and the hopeful Christmas release of 6: The Sinister Six.

I am currently considering making a Batman fanfilm for next semester. This will be the first time I put my superhero written work up on the silver screen.

As a film student, NYC is open to film in now. Which is going to double as Gotham City.

If anyone has any advice, I'm all ears. The more advice the better.

If anyone wants to participate, let me know, and I may have a spot open on the film crew- even casting and ESPECIALLY someone who is good at creating special effects.

This summer is THE DARK KNIGHT. And in preparation, rather than sitting back, I'm going to try to make my first Batman fanfilm.

The only details I have so far is that the first four to five minutes is going to probably be a series of flashbacks of Alfred reflecting on a young Bruce Wayne and how he came to become Batman. This is primarily due to having to also make a film for school that has no dialogue and is based purely around diegetic sounds and voice-over type dialouge- can't synchronize it.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: The villain is going to be The Ventriloquist.

It's going to be a very dark film that features this villain as a very disturbing villain with a fractured split personality disorder. Very gothic and creepy. By the end of the film- you see a Dummy and hear Scarface- you will run screaming...

I personally believe this villain has potential to be seen in a whole new light. Imagine Robin Williams in One Hour Photo controlling the dummy and you've got Wesker.


No chance you need any effects help is there?
Yeah, I'd definitely need help with special effects.
I need your guys opinions on this, I've been looking at ventriloquist dummies that could play Scarface and I found this version of Slappy that comes the closest:



What do you think? Scarface or not Scarface?
the eyebrows need to move. And he needs a scar. also the eyes could be more......evilish
The script isn't bad so far, I'm liking it.

The Dummy could be creepier, like Superman45 said, give it a scar and more evil like eyes.
I need your guys opinions on this, I've been looking at ventriloquist dummies that could play Scarface and I found this version of Slappy that comes the closest:



What do you think? Scarface or not Scarface?

It could make a decent Scarface, it just needs a different hat and a scar. :up:
My aunt's an artist, so I think she could come up with a way to make his eyes look more creepy and add the scarring to it... but as the base grounds to work off of- it works- it seems like? Also don't know how I can manipulate the hat or buy a hat (ventriloquist dummies are really hard to find over the net actually...) Also can't afford moving eyebrows- but, there will be an effect Scarface- hopefully- that will be able to expand on the paractical movement.
And DARK VICTORY is officially a "go."

Today I was able to secure an assistant-director for the film, now all we need to get is a crew. Filming is scheduled to begin late January/early Feb.

Let me know what you guys think of the final couple of pages in the script... the first part of the final section will most likely be expanded on, with the general concept remaining the same. And- yes- Batman 89' was the inspiration of Bruce Wayne waiting for the bat signal.

Currently looking at a run time of about 12-13 minutes. Distribution, I'll let you guys know... perhaps youtube or it's own individual site.

All I know is I'm hyped. Leading into Batman mania with The Dark Knight- I'm going to be making a Batman film. :up:
I'd love to be a part of this regarding the audio and musical aspect of it. I would like to talk with you first though. I have the equipment, but the catch is that I've never worked in film before (though I have a hunch on how to track sound with video as my audio host allows and it all). I have a few thousand dollars worth of equipment, and a hell of a lot of effect processors to manipulate sound with ( Flangers, Phasers, Echo's, Delays, etc) We'll have to talk first though to see if this is possible for the both of us. I was working on one film with a guy on here, but I guess it fell through. Here is the theme for his film that I began working on, but there isn't any need to continue with it now I guess. Anyways, just to show you something, here is what I had.

Edit: RapidShare isn't much better though lol. If you don't feel like waiting for the download on that file then give me some time later on after I wake up and I will upload it to my own server.

I'm sorry, I had to use rapidshare. Didn't realize yousendit was such a pain in the ass nowadays.

I have my website up, but there isn't anything on it yet to show, but I'm currently putting together a (very small media company.) So this would be a blast to be a part of.
Thanks man, already got a composer possibly lined up- but I think it might be easier if I had someone also on sound effects... creating effects, capturing effects and altering them- so if you can do. That would be great. Let me know if you're interested in that department rather than scoring. :up:

And in new news... I've got a cinematographer and possibly somebody that definitely knows lighting. All I need now is somebody on set to make sure the recorded sound comes through... and I should be set for production crew, in addition to some PAS along the way.

Got a props master I worked back home with on two 48 hr films as a PA that I might be able to help me make a ventriloquist dummy and a metallic batang possibly even a machine gun for Scarface over winter break!

Yep, everything's going good so far. Really looks like it's coming together.

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