new synthetic materials, could prove usfull in the future

Holy crap your dumb.

His name is Mitch Hedberg. Capital "M", capital "H", no "a".

While I'm sure this mitch headberg is a nice guy, he's not the dead comic who's material you are horribly butchering.

Naturally I would assume that since you are talking about Mitch Hedberg and sticky spy suits on the spider man 3 spoilers board that they would be somehow related, this is the only possible way I could think of to work all 3 into the same sentance.

I'm not the tard who somehow thought this all belonged in the same place.

Look at you froth, lol.

"Grrr, Grr, capslock means I'm angry!!!"
paulyfknt90 said:
^ u belong in a mental asylum.

I'm going to assume this is mouth-breather for " I was wrong and you were right, yet again. I'm sorry for railing at you. I can't help it if I'm dumber than a sack of hammers."
right so...this is a great vibe in here right now, it's like daddy just hit mommy at the dinner table and we're all trying to eat still...
(Dane Cook - Retaliation - The Chicken Sangwich, The Heckler, and The Kabbash)
sorry, had to do it, but seriously guys, give it a rest please, this is pointless fighting, and it isnt even about Spider-Man
^ i was done a wile ago but this ****er keeps on comin back for more.

y dosnt he just not enter the tread?
You want warm and fuzzy? Use this board as it was intended. I'm not stalkin Corky's other posts because they are topical.

I could care less if he wants to illuminate the emptiness of his skull, as long as it's even remotely related to the reason we are here.

You want to discuss things spidey related, I'm right there with ya, it's why I lurk here. Latley I've noticed a massive lack of direction here and I'm doing my part to correct it.

Don't like my methods? Report me and we win when this thing gets deleted. Or better yet, report Paulyfknt90 for wasting your time and their bandwidth. Or just keep it on topic and this will never have to deal with this.

Now eat yer dinner, Daddy isn't done teaching Mommy a lesson.
^ this is ****ing spidey realated, WALL CRAWILING capability.

all i was trying to get at was could this be used in any future spidey films, instead of cgi or crawling on a flat surface than puting the image sideways
i agree with someone else where they said that it always has to be CGI
the movements need to be fluid, plus you're not supposed to DOWNgrade
it would look more realistic tho, i mean its soposed to look a little rough cuz its a human crawling up a wall

with the cgi they made it too fluid.

i love were they went with that but if there going for more realism this **** is the way to go
but there's no need
plus, now it'd be like "I'm Peter Parker, and I've been doing this for years, but now for some reason, I'm getting worse at it..."
besides, it's Spider-Man, he's supposed to be fluid, it's not like he can fly like some lucky heroes...

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