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So im thinking of getting Nightwing what is a good jumping on point for this?
Issue 140 has the new creative team of Peter Tomasi and Rags Morales. that issue and issue 141 were superb, and 142 comes out this week.
Hmmm... I'm also interested in Nightwing TBH. Any TPB arcs worth looking out for?
141 was a great issue. Heroes actually using teamwork and commonsense and hanging out and drinking and being buddies.
Cool. Any collected TPB arcs like I suggested though?
You should probably check out A Knight in Bludhaven, it collects the first few issues of the series. Other than that, I'm not too sure on, I just got back into collecting some of the monthlies after taking some time off and need to catch up myself. But by all means avoid the Bruce Jones run. Saying it is awful is an understatement.
unless you want to see a great character like dick grayson defiled and jason todd turn into an octopus, then bruce jones is right up your alley

No, I joke. Seriously, an octupus. What?

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