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Jul 29, 2002
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Show 19 just aired this past week and Jesus Jumping Jehosephat That was hard!!! I have been watching it for the past several months on G4 and the first part was brutal!!!! Too bad really for the G4 winners of the contest. They could have gone farther than what they did. I mean, 98 contestants were eliminated on the first part. Any one else watches it?
I love Ninja Warrior. Haven't really watched it in a couple of years though. Makoto Nagano FTW!
NW returns in March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brand spanking new NW eps tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SASUKE began as a special feature of another program back in 1997. It soon became a huge hit for TBS, and the 27th SASUKE tournament was broadcast in October 2011. Now it's back, and TBS has planned a highly anticipated special program for the New Year holiday break.

In the 15 months since the last broadcast, TBS has put a new production team in place, reconfigured the obstacles, redesigned the program, and provisionally given it a new name: SASUKE RISING (tentative).

In recent years, SASUKE has won fans not only in Japan but around the world. The US version Ninja Warrior and the spin-off American Ninja Warrior have achieved nationwide acclaim. SASUKE has taken off worldwide, with hit versions in Malaysia and Singapore created with local athletes, and popular localized versions in South Africa, Turkey, and throughout Europe. Today SASUKE content is broadcast in 157 countries and territories. Athletes from all over the world are expected to vie for a chance to come to Japan and compete in the new SASUKE RISING.

Plans are in place for large-scale auditions for the new program in Tokyo and Osaka in mid-October, with an all-new set of criteria for qualification. Details will be published on the TBS website.

In recognition of the international renown SASUKE has achieved, TBS is launching a global publicity campaign to share the news of the upcoming event. In addition to press releases, TBS will be connecting with SASUKE content broadcasters and fans worldwide through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Comment by Chief Producer Hiroki Kikuno

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