Noel Prize Means Nothing Anymore....

3,000 killed in an hour...

3,700 killed over 30 years...

Both are very sad, but to say that 9/11 was not a big deal, is a very ignorant statement coming from a very intelligent woman....very sad.
All flights to and from Ireland are shut down - Big wh00p
All flights to and from America are shut down - Massive ramifications

The economy of Ireland is crippled, boo hoo.
The Economy of the U.S, is crippled, that's huge.

youre a **** a proper **** ive lived in ireland england and america and hold nothing against any country but i agree with what she said there both things more terrible than any1 could ever imagine but continuous terror attacks is worse and yes it wont matter to the families if one man was killed or a thousand killed but depending on how many are dead depends on how many more get ****ed up by this catastrophe
however i disagree with leveling terror attacks its not a competition and this idea i find truly horrible
I didn't say she was eloquent about it (which is sort of sad, since she's a Nobel Prize winning author). :o

She's 87, so I don't think she's as eloquent as she once was. *ageist*

I don't think anyone should compare tragedies and say one is worse than the other or say things like "O the Madrid bombing isn't as bad compared to 9/11" (just an example). Anytime any life is loss in a senseless act of violence, it's horrible.
Why did you highlight that last bit? I can understand Marxism, and, knowing your political leanings, maybe even anti-colonialism, but anti-apartheid and feminism? Really? Are those so bad?

my guess is, he doesn't know what that means.

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