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Not getting email notices & one other ?

Psionic Force

Jun 2, 2005
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I am not getting email notifications when someone responds to a thread that I am subscribed to. I am not just talking about one thread, I am talking about all the ones I have replied to. I AM getting notifications that I had private messages, but that is about it. Any idea what might be going on?

A mod suspended my signature 'indefinitely' earlier today ... would that have something to do with it? I seemed to have this problem only AFTER the mod did that.

I wanted to ask about this suspension of signature and AV as well. The mod suspended this stuff because of my postings in the Kingdom Hearts 2 game thread. See, I did not read the entire thread from the beginning of it, I only went into it for help on the game. Now, I was posting the same things that others were posting, so I was not aware of the issue. But the mod informed me that the sig and av were banned because I posted spoilers in the thread. I really was not aware that I was doing that. Mainly because all the posts I DID read were all pretty much people looking for help on the game or offering help to the others.

I would have thought that I would have been given some sort of PM warning or something BEFORE things were taken away from me. I am not sure where in the thread this mod posted about the spoiler tags, but it was not in any of the pages after I started posting. So again, this was not something I was aware of. I rarely use other threads on this board, I primarily use the X-Men thread and sometimes frequent some others. But I was just looking for help in the Kingdom Hearts thread.

I know the mod was doing his job, but I just thought this was a bit harsh, for a first time offender. Can anyone help with this? His post in the KH2 thread said that the sig and AV options were banned 'indefinitely' however, when I try to view the areas, it says that the ban will be lifted 'NEVER'.

I no longer will be using the KH2 thread, as I have beat the game. And any posts I made after the banning or my stuff, I used spoiler tags.... what is going to happen now?
Your user options are set for instant email notification for when a thread is posted in. So I don't know what the probem there is.

As for the other stuff....that should be taken up between you and the mod that suspended your sig privilidges in PMs, not an open thread, because that's between you two and no one else.
Here is the thing though .. when I go into my user CP and click on ANY of the links on the left, this is the message that I get:

"You have been banned for the following reason:
Everyone in the KH2 thread was warned that they need to use spoiler tags. Now you get no avvy or sig indefinately.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never"

It just seems to me that, whatever he did, effected me getting or not getting email notifications. I was just trying to ask if that would effect it in any way ... as for taking it up with the mod ... I sent him a PM today at about 2pm ... still no response.
You'll have to wait for that mod to discuss your specifics (and we don't have a set schedual to appear here, so I can't say when that will be).

The sig probation may have had something to do with it....but if it did, it is some internal thing that only an Administrator can take care of (because everything looks ok to me).

Send a PM to Dew K. Mosi and explain things to her.
Yes, you all should watch your spoiler tags in KH2 thread. I was having a conversation about one level and then BAM! someone jumps in and starts talking about the very end of the game. It made me so mad. :mad:

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