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NumbersInName Prejudice is Wrong

>Insult me using by paraphrasing a lyric from one of my favorite songs


Hey now. I'm not the one that needs a golden calculator to divide those numbers.
Shirtless Andrew Lincoln? Nice. :atp:
Do I need to give you another "guuuurl please", Parker? I'd be more than happy to... :o
You roaches just keep coming back. We hate you. Go back to the abyss from which you came. Begone...

Why can't we be peaceful! We are all comrades! Amigos! Compains!
Pick a side. You're either with us or with them.
Look at all of this hostility, Our side is much more friendly.
Acceptance of numbers-in-name posters could lead to a dangerous slippery slope. Where does it stop? If we give them equal standing, what's to stop me from having sex with children, or animals?

Won't somebody please think of the children??
True. Very true. Maybe you should deprive the nonnumbered users Avvys and Gifs til they learn to act more civil.

How about they just deprive y'all of posting here by permabanning every last one of y'all?

I'm also tired of typing slowly so they can understand.
This is going to end badly just like the Marvel Civil War. Everything gets stupid and a bunch of folks no one has cared about in years will die. Who will save us from this SHH Civil War?
You know what I hate more than nonnumbered users? users with numbers spelled out in their usernames

i.e. Batfanfour
I was a former numberinname.

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