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Sep 14, 2007
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Dont know if threads are usually posted for this, but thought a thread could be opened up about the goings on of NYC Comic Con. You know sigining panels and the like. Who is going ...maybe we can meet up and be one giant hype board crew......just throwing it out there.:gl:
i went to the first one and it was bad but then i heard they greatly improved for the second so now i wanna go to this one
I went the last two years, I suppose I could stop by again this year. A good friend of mine will be going anyway, but I dunno if he has anymore room wherever he's staying, and that's in Brooklyn anyway. I usually like to grab a decent hotel room a cheap cab fare away from any con I go to, but that gets pricey.
i live in new york city....well the getting around is not to big a deal
Is there a link for this show? Sounds interesting.
no prob...let me know if you like what you see and if you may go,......we should just get a whole obnoxious hype group together and go lol
50 DAYS LEFT ....CANT WAIT....for those interested here is the list of comic artists and writers that will be i have so many things to get signed.

Guests of Honor
Bryan Hitch | Joe Kubert | Mike Mignola | Grant Morrison | Alex Ross | T.M. Revolution

Featured Guests
Neal Adams | Charlie Adlard | Kyle Baker | Chris Batista | Terry Brooks | Frank Brunner | Mark Buckingham | CB Celbulski | Olivier Coipel | Amanda Conner | Dale Eaglesham | Steve Epting | Duncan Fegredo | David Finch | Ramona Fradon | Ron Garney | Irwin Hasen | Dean Haspiel | Carmine Infantino | Geoff Johns | JG Jones | Sherrilyn Kenyon | Adam Kubert | Andy Kubert | Rob Liefeld | Aaron Lopresti | Steve McNiven | Tony Moore | Robert Napton | Steve Niles | Jimmy Palmiotti | Sean Phillips | Eric Powell | Jon Reed | Ivan Reis | Rick Remender | Paolo Rivera | Ethan Van Sciver | Dave Shelton | Jim Shooter | Walt Simonson | Leonard Starr | Joe Staton | Jim Steranko | Arthur Suydam | Chris Weston | Sean Michael Wilson
sounds good man....i was thinking about volunteering for a day

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