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At this point if they still can't figure out this in the coming months. Put it in the back burner and put their resources to the 2 Avengers movies, Shang Chi 2 and threequels for BP/Strange instead - whichever of those are supposed to come out in 2026. Those are more important than a Blade reboot imo.
Ali's already gonna be hitting his 50s by the time the movie finally drops IF that date holds!
Ali's already gonna be hitting his 50s by the time the movie finally drops IF that date holds!
This is the problem when you hire somebody for a film role, when the film that the actor is supposed to appear in, doesn't even a working script yet if I'm not mistaken.

They announced him way back in 2019, back then there were no Captain America 4, Thunderbolts and the other Disney+ shows.

What if the actor suddenly gets another acting gig that Marvel would have to wait again, just like with the strikes/pandemic.
I honestly already thought Ali would be wasted here, but man they're putting him through the ringer
Blade probably be released after Covid part 2 and WW3
Lets not...

I think Marvel Studios should pause this and Thunderbolts for a while, like 5 years. Releasing them in 2025 or 2026, and only for them to just end up getting similar number like The Marvels (if not lower) would be such a waste of effort, time and money.
great…he said something similar in 2019
I hope Elsa Bloodstone is in this.
Now the project seems to be rolling toward production again – and industry scooper Daniel Richtman has revealed some details. According to his Patreon report, Blade is an R-rated period piece that will tell the story of “Lilith going after Blade’s daughter’s blood to create an army of Daywalkers.” Lilith’s weapon will apparently be the Ebony Blade, which was previously featured in Eternals.
I just don't understand why they need to have Blade's daughter in his first MCU film. And the daughter seems to play a big role in the conflict unlike with Scott Lang's daughter in the first Ant-Man film.

This seems like an eXcuse to have Blade's daughter appear in a Young Avengers movie which isn't really eXciting imo.

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