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Comics Official Fans of Reilly Thread

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Jan 4, 2005
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This is the thread for us; the few, the proud, the fans of Ben Reilly! That's right, this is a thread by his fans, FOR his fans. If you hated the Clone Saga, this thread ain't for you. There are countless other threads around bashing it and you'd probably be happier there. This is STRICTLY for those of us who thought the good outweighed the bad to give us an open forum to discuss the best webhead ever nearly 10 years after his wrongful demise.

Fans of Reilly, you may enter!

This is every issue of the Clone Saga, including mini-series, one-shots and related tie-ins. If Ben Reilly or Kaine appeared in it, it's here.

Amazing Scarlet Spider #s 1 & 2
Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #s 14, 31, 37, 39-40, 53, 121 & 122, 129, 136, 144 -151, 391, 393-418, 435
Amazing Spider-Man Annual ’96
Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1
Avengers vol. 1 #400
Backlash/Spider-Man #1-2
Daredevil vol. 1 #354
DC Versus Marvel #s 1 & 4
Giant-Size Spider-Man #5
Green Goblin #s 1, 3, 10 & 12-13
Marvel Annual Report 1995
Marvel Fanfare vol. 2 #3
Marvel Versus DC #s 2 & 3
Marvel Milestone Edition Amazing Spider-Man #s 129, 149, 150 (reprints)
Marvel Tales #s 9, 24, 29, 38, 98 & 99, 106, 113, 121& 122, 126-128, 192, 209 (reprints)
Maximum Clonage Alpha
Maximum Clonage Omega
New Warriors vol. 1 #59, 61-67, 70-71
Scarlet Spider #s 1 & 2
Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1
Sensational Spider-Man #s 0-11
Sensational Spider-Man Mini-Comic
Spectacular Scarlet Spider #s 1 & 2
Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 1 #s 25-31, 68, 142 & 143, 149, 200, 215-240
Spectacular Spider-Man Annual # 8
Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special #1
Spider-Man vol. 1 #s 48-75
Spider-Man vol. 2 #s 27 & 28
Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995
Spider-Man Super Special #1
Spider-Man Team-Up #s 2-6
Spider-Man Unlimited #s 7-14, 17
Spider-Man: 101 Ways to End the Clone Saga #1
Spider-Man: Dead Man’s Hand #1
Spider-Man/Punisher: Family Plot #s 1 & 2
Spider-Man: Funeral For an Octopus #s 1-3
Spider-Man: Lost Years #0-3
Spider-Man: Redemption #s 1-4
Spider-Man: The Final Adventure #1-4
Spider-Man: The Jackal Files #1
Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal #1
Spider-Man: The Parker Years #1
Thunderbolts Annual ‘97
Uncanny X-Men #339
Venom Super Special #1
Venom: Along Came A Spider #s 1-4
Venom: The Hunted #1
Web of Scarlet Spider #s 1-4
Web of Spider-Man #s 114-129
Web of Spider-Man Super Special #1
What If…? Vol. 1 #30
What If…? Vol. 2 #86
X-Men/Spider-Man #3

Official checklist cultivated from Spiderfan.org, Samruby.com and with the help of some SHH posters.​
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Nice use of the banner Wolvie :up:, we'll probably get moved to the Spidey World thread, but until than it's Clone World Order. For life





So, Reilly Fans, lemme put this to ya; what subplots durin' Ben's run would you have liked to seen go on? Ya know, all th' stuff that died with th' character.
I hate wrestling with a passion, so I can't say that banner is my favorite thing in the world.

Blame me, I was part of the Wrestlecrap World Order back in the day :D

And yeah daily grind crew especially with Desiree :up: , maybe some plots with Ben interacting with little May (Last minute baby sitter?),

We all know that Marvel will bring Reilly back one day as some revenge crazed lunatic who'll cross the line that Peter dares not touch. But I'm thinking until than maybe Defalco should use him in Spidergirl, I know he's got a kid with Jeanine (Who I reallllllllllly hope, is the character from the Parkers past, thats gonna show up in issue 93) But hell its in an alternate universe, and Mayday could use a new mentor, now that Phil's been Goblified.
Well, I was gonna go with another banner but I couldn't find a Spidey font other than th' movie.
I personally loved how they handeled the relationship between the two. Reilly was clearly a different person then Peter, who'd lived a different life and had different views and experiences. Regardless, they formed a bond in time that was as close as brothers that only really got to shine in the last few issues with him alive.
Ah, about time someone made a thread for us. I would have done it, but given my limited post count and even lower credibility....

As for Reilly, I was thinking about him quite a bit today.
Going over things in my head, ways new stories could be introduced to the 616 that harkened back to Rielly.
I would love to see him come back, and it WOULD be very easy. His death went against all continuity of clone degeneration, and the man that was impaled on the glider could be passed off as a clone.
However, I don't see that happening any time soon, at least not until one of us or Defalco gets to writing a core book.
One thing I did think of that I personally love, would be a daily grind person stumbling upon Peter one day, and thinking that it was Ben. The opposite of what happened with Ben a few times.
Really, to think of all the supporting charecters running around back then. You had most of Peter's co workers and friends, and then the new group surrounding Reilly. It was fantastic. And now, prior to Peter joining the NA, there was almost no supporting cast.
So many great people, all just brushed under the carpet and never mentioned since.
Here's hoping we see some soon.
Eh, ya shoulda made a thread an' we'da been behind ya.

Along with what you've all said, I'da liked to know what happened to Jessica Carradine. She's spent all her life hatin' Spidey fer "killing" her father, but then forgives him just in time to disappear. Some closure there would be nice.
Yeah. But then again, closure with a lot of the stuff back then would be nice.
Whats the deal with the Jackal returning over in Daredevil / Punisher? Anyone got any info on that. Seems kinda strange that if the Jackal actually came back he'd have plans that didn't involve Peter Parker in anyway shape or form
Oh, and to add to the Daily Grind group....how about we get some Kaine back in the 616-verse??
Yeah, totally! Although he did kinda reform in Redemption. Hate to see that retconned.
Nice idea, I'd actually want to see him again but only if May was with him, cause thats pretty much the only reason (Besides Degeneration which he beat) why it would take him so damn long to return
Marvel kinda brought him back, teased us with baby May... and then threw him into outer space. I hope we get some clone tie ins and closure... =(
Yeah. Sad to hear that the Jackal just kind of appeared somewhere else.
Yeah. Thanks to lack of continuity footnotes we've no clue if that mini took place in th' past or present.
Plus the Jackal looked nothing like he did in the 1974 Saga or the 1994 Saga, and the mini basically consisted of six issues of Frank getting his ass kicked :( :down

On another note, look who's finally shown up in Spider Girl again :up:

One of my favorite covers by my favorite artists (Bags).:up:

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