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Official In Hindsight thread...


Jan 10, 2004
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I was looking through some sold posts in bunch of film threads and this one and saw some gems like these...

ON Favs being hired as IM director:

I love Favreau but I'm not so sure about a man who's known for his comedy and family movies handling clearly a movie set to be action-oriented.

RDJ casted as Tony/IM:

Personally I think hes too old and not that good looking, but im a dude so I dont check out guys, a lot. He needs to get into shape though.

I don't think Downey can pull off Stark's charm either.

My condolences to Iron Man fans. :cmad:

Oh, God-I didn't know he was confirmed. Are they serious? He's a terrible choice. I have absolutely no hope for this movie now.


... just a few choice samples. Go back in threads and find some fun quotes to throw in for all to view and chuckle at.
Talk about, WRRROONG! I guess it's no coincidence most of those posters don't venture in to MCU movie threads too frequently.
Oh god I'm terrified of turning up in this thread!
Avengers Box Office Opening:

This movie has no shot at 200mil opening weekend. I don't even think that Batman is going to do those kind of numbers.

Chewy said:
Yeah a 200M OW would be absurd. I'm not sure it would even be possible, if they sold out every showing everywhere

Whedon Directing:

TheVileOne said:
Whedon can't handle a project of this magnitude.

And honestly, I don't believe the studio will get behind him. Look what happened with Wonder Woman. This is a movie that's going to be probably over $200 million and supposed to be huge.

The other thing is, Whedon is just more or less a cult favorite. He doesn't have any legit clout going into this.

Evans casting as Cap

Sawyer said:
Not excited. It's the lesser of, like, eight evils, but... the fact that he's the best they could do is just sad.

On Who Should be Casted as Cap

Golgo-12 said:
I think John Cena would make a decent Captain America.
Thank god I joined this month, so there's no chance of any nonsense I ever said showing up.
I dont know about Marvel stuff, but I know I said Avatar will not be that big
Yeah I bet Wasp will be a main character. T doubt they'll go with an all male roster. I'm thinking she'll be introduced in Ant-Man.

Oh how wrong you were :o
Lol at John Cena as Cap. There's never been a time where that'd be acceptable
Funny enough, i was on WWE.com the other day when they compared marvel comic character to their wrestlers and connected Cap and Cena.

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