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Jul 19, 2003
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Thought I'd post an updated list of the things I am trying to get rid of. Right now I am trying to sell of these things because I have WAY too many "collectibles" (never thought I'd say that) and I just need to unload some of this stuff.

HUSH: (all loose with all accessories)

Ra's Al Ghul
Batman (flight suit)


In flight statue
Christian Bale as Batman statue
Christian Bale as Batman 18" figure w/interchangable hands and accessories


Ed McGuinness Batman (MIB)
DKR Batman (loose)
Misc. Spider-Man THE MOVIE figures
Misc. Spider-Man TAS figures
X2 giant sized figures - Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Cyclops
The Batman - Batman, Bane, Firefly, Clayface, Penguin, Joker, Riddler, Man-Bat, giant size Batman SOLD AS A SET ONLY (minus the giant sized Batman)

Please keep in mind that as of now I am NOT interested in trades. I am very reasonable on my prices, especially on the BEGINS items. I am trying to unload as much of this as I can before I leave for a trip in 2 weeks. I am willing to work out payment plans for the more expensive items, but I will not ship the item until the full amount has been paid. Please PM me for prices and pictures if needed.
Now you have caught my eye again.

I'm interested in the DKR Batman.
PM sent about the Hush figures
DKR Batman is $20 SHIPPED. This is JUST the figure, out of package and without his batarang.
Now you have caught my eye again.

I'm interested in the DKR Batman.
I have one complete, you KNOW I have one!!!
Sorry, the figure does come with it's accessories...I thought it didn't.
Ok so now I'm offering my "Begins" statues at $125 EACH ($75 off what they normally cost) OR all 3 items for $350 SHIPPED ($150 off what they would've cost). If anyone is interested PM me, payment plans are acceptable as well if you can't do it all at once.
How much of a first payment would you need???

I am interested in the "In Flight" statue. I will be able to get it through a payment plan. You have the box???
No box, but it will come wrapped securely so nothing is damaged during the shipping. What's the MAX you could do for a first payment?
That's fine. Once the remaining $75 has been paid off I will send out the item.
The Avatar said:
for loose?

I'll pass.

That's fine.

I also have a Medieval Spawn MIB from the first series of Spawn figures that came out. I'm willing to do $25 SHIPPED on that one.
I also found a TON of other stuff I have like the Spider-Man/Doc Ock figures from Diamond that were released last year. This is the Ramos inspired Doc Ock in the trenchcoat with the flat arms that are poseable. I would be willing to sell the set for $25 SHIPPED.

I also have the 12" Doc Ock figure from Spider-Man 2 as well as some other Spider-Man goodies. These are all LOOSE items, but have all their accessories.
Here's what I've got in terms of Batman items:

HUSH figures
"The Batman" figures
The Batman Legacy DVD collection
"The Batman" plug n' play TV game
BEGINS items
DKR Batman
MATTEL - Nightwing, Joker, Robin, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc
Public Enemies Batman MIB

If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
Are the Mattel figures loose??

Other than the two statues and 13" collector figure what other BEGINS items do you have??
Are the Mattel figures loose??

Other than the two statues and 13" collector figure what other BEGINS items do you have??

Yeah the Mattel items are loose, but come with all accessories.

Those are all of the BEGINS items I've got. I wasn't really a fan of the toys when they came out so after picking up the basic Batman figure I lost interest. Have you seen the deluxe figure? it's actually pretty cool and looks nice on it's stand.
I've seen the deluxe figure but I'll pass for now. Thanks.

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