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PBS' Great Performances: Company


Jul 22, 2006
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Did anyone else catch this Wednesday night?

I have to say, for a filmed performance of a Broadway show, this is by far the best I've seen. Better than, say, Pippin or Sunday in the Park with George by far. And I've pretty much seen them all too. Pippin is great though if only to have the ability to re-live Ben Vereen as The Leading Player (who I am playing currently here in my town) and Fosse's choreography.

But yes, anyone catch Company? Raul Esparza is so amazing as Bobby, perfectly dead-pan and interesting. He never gets over-the-top nor does he noticably "act" but instead he goes through all the motions, as if being always with friends has conditioned him to be a certain way and say only certain things but as the show progressed you could see how he began to change to the end.

"Getting Married Today" and the scene up until intermission (including "Marry Me A Little") was nothing short of perfect.

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