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Pirates: Bridging a gap


Dec 19, 2001
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Pirates is the 18th-century story of Carmen Luvana and her new husband Kris Slater. On their wedding night, they make their way across the sea to his new job at a trade post in the Caribbean. Unbeknownst to either of the newlyweds, Kris possesses an inherited power for which a renegade pirate (Tommy Gunn) and his mate (Janine) lust. Tommy and his pirate crew board the ship carrying the young couple, kidnap Kris, and set Carmen afloat assuming that she'll drown. Fortunately, pirate hunters Evan Stone and his first-mate Jesse Jane rescue Carmen from the ravages of the sea. Evan is a bumbling and rather goofy captain who, after first hearing Carmen's story, is too spineless to attempt a rescue. However, first mate Jesse Jane has the balls of the outfit and convinces Evan that he'll earn glory and praise--not to mention notoriety as a skilled pirate hunter--if he takes on the pirates and rescues Kris. The remainder of the movie chronicles Evan's and Jesse's adventures as they set out to rescue Kris, including a plot-rich stop on an island to re-provision the ship. In due course, Evan and his crew follow the pirates into a forbidding cave (ala Indiana Jones), do battle with an army of skeleton warriors assigned from antiquity to protect the cave and its contents, reunite Carmen and Kris, and sink the pirate ship and its mates.

With a budget of over $1 million, shot in High-Def, is this a fair step into adult mainstream movies?
Don't know. I don't have $40 to shell out for it right now. It's been getting good reviews though. I would have posted links but I didn't want to step over too many boundaries.
I have a boolegged version of it.Jesse Jane is the best in the business.
This is gonna sound stupid but at first I didnt think it was porn. The dvd cover didnt come up it was a Red X at first.
I'd give it four out of five stars.The orals were pretty short,but the scenes itself were quite exotic,and Jesse and Devon were at their best.You could actually feel the same chemistry they had in Island Fever 3,though they didn't share a direct scene in this one.
Aaarrrghhh I want to be seein this.
patrickbateman said:
nope not there
Really?It was last time I looked.Well,you can just go buy it at AdultDVD.com,or get a friend to bootleg it for you.
I havnt found where to get it yet.

But I was over at the official site and they have it for 40bucks.
I've seen it, it's pretty good, but the scenes are kinda short! Janine and Jesse :up: :up:

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