Poetry- Ode to The Joker and Ode to The Riddler


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Mar 6, 2009
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Ode to the Riddler

Everyone seems to think I'm mad
The fact they do is actually very sad.
I don't mean to make you feel dumb,
but I can't resist that look on your face.

Now as a boy I loved to fiddle
with all sorts of things, mostly riddles.
I tested other with them all day
and, if they cheated, I made them pay.

I was soon locked away at 21,
all cause I was having too much fun.
I used riddles to get back at a guy,
and soon I finally caused him to die.

Now I'm in a cell with a small house
all the way inside the nuthouse.
Then one day in the morning I arise
to get the days paper with a special surprise.

The city is slowly becoming less of a slob
now that they put away man from the mob.
But whats interesting is that some criminals have ran
from a mysterious figure that the city now calls Batman.

But here I stay, forever insane
to contemplate who Batman is with my large brain.
So riddle me this riddle me that,
Tell whose afraid of the Big Black Bat?

Ode to The Joker

I see you there, eying me,
and I know your going to bother me.
Your looks are of disgust, and I know why
You see the look of hate and murder in my eye.

You come over, wanting to know
why I have my head hung so low.
I raise my head, showing you my face,
you gasp with a look of terror on your face.

I pick myself up off the alley ground,
your still as if you were bound.
As I come closer, I notice a tear,
giving me proof your filled with fear.

"Whats wrong?" I ask
and I hear you mutter "Your mask.
I laugh at you with like your young pup
and reply "This is only Make-Up."

I notice your looking, not at the stars
but my wonderfully self-inflicted scars.
I smile at you like your a gem
and pull you in saying "Wanna know how I got them?"

The night is still very young tonight,
though you seem unusually uptight.
The look and fear in your eyes makes you seem delirious,
So now I must ask before you die '"Why so serious?"

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