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May 18, 2003
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those of you who were into the 90's animated series. i want to know what ur favorite episode(s) are. mine are the beyond good and evil parts 1-4.
y didnt u vote for nightcrawler then? cold comfort was on my 1st list but it got cut in the end.
at least some people are voting even if theyre not typing ne thing.
this has nothing to do with the thread but does ne one else think it sux that the RPG's have completely taken over this board? its rediculous and repetitive.
If I'm right in thinking Days of Future Past are the ones where Bishop comes back to kill the traitor, then those.

Night of The Sentinels were good too, though.
i like a rogue tale and night of the sentinels
Wow...almost none of my favorites are in the poll list.

I like Night of the Sentinels Parts I & II, Slave Island (Genosha), Days of Future Past Parts I & II, The Final Decision, A Rogue's Tale (how Rogue got her Ms.Marvel powers), Out of the Past Parts I & II (Lady Deathstrike), Old Soldiers (Captain America), Descent (Mr.Sinister's origin),Hidden Agenda (Cannonball and pre-mutant powers Husk), and Graduation Day (series finale).
I voted for Good and Evil but it just barely beat out One Man's Worth and the episodes with the Phalanx (though it wasn't listed)
I like Sanctuary and Weapo X lies and videotapes.
Night of Sentinels

Enter Magneto

Dark Phoenix
I've always loved the Nightcrawler episode :p Nighty is one of my favs plus Wolverines epic speech about Gambit skiing LOL:
"The man doesn't break a sweat against Apocalypse or Magneto. So - so what nails him? A pine tree!"

A Rogue's Tale is probably my favorite, but to be honest, i can't think of an episode I didn't like.

the animated series is where I became an X-Men fan.
oh lord, this thread hurts my eyes, I think everyone should go and watch OBSESSION, which is the second story with angel and how he is driven to take apocalypse down

there are more memorable quotes in that episode than there is in the whole first and last series, the writing was out of this world...

arguably best episode of animation anywhere ever
I thought the one with shadow king in africa episode was great....storm fast running nephew....

I thought Cold Comfort was great,Savage Land,Dark Pheonix,
I seriously like most episodes, but Final Decision is the one which marked me most. I also like The Cure, Externally Yours, A Rogue's Tale, Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Saga.

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