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Sequels Project Cadmus


Uncle Charlie
Nov 9, 2005
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I would definintely intergrate Project Cadmus into the sequel if I was penning this screenplay. So many different possibilities and villains could be introduced through the Project, along with supporting characters such as Amanda Waller.
I have been thinking about this for a bit and here's what I came up with:

In the sequel, Lex Luthor has become the corporate mogul we all know and love from the comics by seizing control of Vanderworth Enterprises and converting it into LexCorp, the nation's #1 arms supplier, contracted to the U.S. government. He begins to fund a secret government division, named Project Cadmus. This division was created to prepare for an attack on super-powered beings, should they go rogue. Lex's attention is drawn to their work on Superman.

After failing during a bank heist, John Corben is doing time in jail. However, only after a few weeks, he collapses due to an unknown virus eating up his internal organs. Doctors must rush him out to the hospital. While there, doctors are baffled by his condition. A night, Lex Luthor arrives and offers the man life. Luthor has what Corben needs to survive.

Corben undergoes extensive surgery at the Cadmus labratory and becomes Metallo, the man of metal. Metallo is given the mission to obtain Superman's blood.

In the climax of the film, Superman is bleeding (from Metallo's Kryptonian heart). Metallo fails to obtain it, but at the final moments of the film, Amanda Waller comes with a vial and takes it. The blood will be used for Bizarro, a clone of Superman.

---Well? What'd you think? My Metallo is heavily inspired by the S:TAS version. In my opinion, that version of the character has always been a bit more human and more intersting.
You lost me when you said that Luthor has become the corporate mogul from the comics...

You realize that Luthor is wanted criminal, right?
Isildur´s Heir said:
You lost me when you said that Luthor has become the corporate mogul from the comics...

You realize that Luthor is wanted criminal, right?

Luthor is a villain, yes, but I don't remember him being arrested in the filmverse. While he may have been stopped by Superman on a number of occassions, I thought he managed to slip away through a lack of evidence or ties to the crime.

And besides, he has a fortune. For all we know, he could have contacts in high places that he can pay so that the government doesn't connect the dots.

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