Punisher's state of mind

Red Mask

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May 21, 2003
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It just occured to me that while the Punisher is not as crazy as Batman, it's more likely his behavior is one who has lost faith in the system. The death of his family is a tragedy that could have driven him over the edge. But Frank has fought for his country and the law for many years. He understands how it works and what it's trying to achieve. So trauma couldn't shake that apart. I think there's a more rational, pragmatic attitude that writers have lost sight of.
He's a functioning psychotic, basically.
I like the old issues like "Holy wars" were he went to church and asked for his sins to be forgivin.

the priest would tell him to please stop and the frank would do his penace.
some "hail mary's & our father's"

then his concious was clear frank to go back to work.

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