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Aug 23, 2005
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So as many of us know, the WB and UPN are merging into one network, forming the CW. The network will combine the top shows from both networks, including new series like the Aquaman adaptation, Mercy Reef.

The network will announce their full schedule for the fall on May 18, so I thought it would be a great time for everyone to throw in their inputs on what they'd like to see on the network come fall. What's your fantasy weeknight lineup for the CW? Remember, the network will air primetime programming on weeknights in a 8-10 PM block.

I'll start:

8 PM - Mercy Reef
9 PM - Everwood

(Reason: With NBC going the reality route on Mondays, Fox going the thriller route, and CBS going the comedy route, teaming up these two shows allows the CW to bring its hopeful successor to Smallville and one of its most critically successful dramas together to capture that young audience it so desires at the beginning of the week.)

8 PM - Gilmore Girls
9 PM - Veronica Mars

(Reason: This one is a no brainer. The two shows were made for each other, and teaming them up on the same night is the best scenario for both shows.)

8 PM - Everybody Hates Chris
8:30 PM - Girlfriends
9 PM - America's Next Top Model

(Reason: Teaming up the two most successful black comedies on the UPN makes perfect sense. Follow that hour with the biggest reality show for The CW, and you've got a good alternative lineup against the rest of the network shows on Wednesday nights.)

8 PM - Smallville
9 PM - Supernatural

(Reason: This duo has done well together on the WB, so keeping them on the same night is an easy choice.)

8-10 PM - WWE Friday Night SmackDown!

(Reason: You can't really go wrong with a little wrestling on Friday nights, can you? :D )

Obviously the network will also have a Sunday night lineup, but I'm too lazy to figure that in. ;)
I really like that schedule.
i'd put smackdown back on thursdays where it BELONGS switching it with the gilmore /veronica tandem
Yeah, I hate the Friday Night lineup.
Too many other good things on, or I'm busy when It comes on.
Gilmore Girls would be a good lead in show for Veronica Mars. After all GG did help kick start Smallville and Supernatural for WB.
Sounds about right.I'm guessing One Tree Hill and WB"s Friday night lineup will fall by the wayside.:o
Abaddon said:
Sounds about right.I'm guessing One Tree Hill and WB"s Friday night lineup will fall by the wayside.:o

I left Smackdown on there, just because I kind of ran out of ideas. :D

One Tree Hill and other new CW shows can make up the Friday & Sunday lineups. I was just lazy with the Friday thing. :)
well having just checked the JAL's thread,you were even more accurate then I guessed.
Abaddon said:
well having just checked the JAL's thread,you were even more accurate then I guessed.

Nevermind. I saw the thread, Abaddon.
why not put smallville and mercy reef together?
3dman27 said:
why not put smallville and mercy reef together?

Two shows that will likely be exactly the same? Not that great of an idea. Spread em' out, IMO.
Mercy Reef may not even get picked up, if CW decides to snatch up Ultra from CBS.
So what about the Tyra Banks Show and Montel?
Abaddon said:

It's all good.

It'll be interesting to see if Mercy Reef gets picked up or not. That certainly changes any predictions.
As long as Smallville, One Tree Hill (guilty pleasure and I love it), Supernatural, Veronica Mars and maybe Gilmore Girls (My sister would be hell without it) get picked up I will be great. The only pilot I've heard that I would be remotely interested in would be Mercy Reef.
I'd like to see Smallville and Veronica Mars back-to-back so that I only have to watch that channel one night a week. I'm afraid the obvious Chloe/Veronica similarities might keep that from happening though.
MarvelMovies said:
It seems that Everwood will be canceled :(

and Veronica Mars will be picked up.

Source: http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=23329

13 episodes of Mars? That's it? They aren't ordering a full new season just yet? That's bullcrap. It's gonna be one of the CW's biggest shows. Why are they not pushing it further?? I hope that report isn't true.
Apparently the order for VM is for a 22 episode season with the option to cut it down to 13 if ratings don't meet expectations.

Can't say I didn't come close.

While I completely missed Mondays (which will be 7th Heaven and Runaway) and only got half of Wednesdays (with America's Next Top Model), I nailed Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Not too shabby.

Interestingly enough, essentially all of the CW's comedies will be on Sunday (including Everybody Hates Chris).
Haha,I remember when the WB had their Sunday sitcom night with the Wyans Brothers,Sister Sister,and the Steve Harvey show.

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