World rank the X men films #1

As a whole I enjoy First Class the most, Magneto and Prof X were the most developed characters Ive seen in an X film. My favorite scenes are in X2 though, but overall I find X2 boring and hard to get through without fast forwarding.
Yeah, I def dont have the popular opinion on that flick. Im in the minority on that one.

Theres alot I like about it though.
1. X2
2. First Class
3. X-Men
4. The Last Stand
5. Origins: Wolverine
I am shocked someone picked The Last Stand as number one.

I think some people loved the movie for the action, the massive list of characters that were in the movie and compare to X1/X2, it was closer to the comic-books.
1. X-Men: First Class – 8,5/10
2. X2 – 7,5/10
3. X-Men – 7/10
4. X-Men: The Last Stand – 4,5/10
5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine – 4/10

First Class really rejuvenated my interest in X-Men, now I'm stoked for Days of Future Past, thinking and hoping it might be something magnificent. They really did great groundwork in First Class with the characters and Vaughns visual flair was fantastic, sexy and cool in a very reserved and stylish way.

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