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Nov 20, 2007
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Fantastic Four in real life or somethings close in versions of media

Venture Bros Impossbiles:

The Impossibles(
  • Professor Richard Impossible (voiced by Stephen Colbert): Founder of Impossible Industries, a major government contractor, and former professor to Dr. Venture, Mr. White, and Billy Quizboy. He holds science and the pursuit of knowledge in a much higher regard than he does his wife or other people; at times this has manifested as homicidal ruthlessness though most of the time, he's simply out of touch. Impossible and his cohorts are a parody of the Fantastic Four: an experiment with cosmic radiation gave them each strange abilities (this parody is referenced explicitly in the episode "Love Bheits" when it is mentioned that the Impossibles beat the Ventures in a costume contest by dressing as the Fantastic Four). Richard can stretch his body like rubber, similar to Mister Fantastic, and seems to use this power to make himself appear taller. The other members of his family have useless parodies of the other members' powers. Jackson Publick's blog states that Mister Colbert neither has "the time nor the interest" to further voice Professor Impossible.
  • Sally Impossible (voiced by Mia Barron): Richard's wife. Has invisible skin which leaves her muscle tissue visible (which is significantly less useful than the abilities of the Invisible Woman) and she requires all her concentration to keep her skin visible. This power is occasionally referred to as her becoming "visible" (making her "the visible woman"). Sally developed, and still maintains, a crush on Dr. Venture, who was repelled when he discovered her condition. Richard has implied that she has been repeatedly unfaithful and that her newborn son might be fathered by someone else (this may have been Richard being very callous, and not a grounded accusation). Eventually, it came to the point where Richard was keeping Sally practically as a prisoner in their home and keeping her under constant guard, accurately suspecting that she wanted to run away from him. Sally is currently dating Jonas Venture Jr. and resides on Spider Skull Island with the rest of the Impossibles, sans Richard.
  • Rocket Impossible: Sally and Richard's newborn son. So far seems to lack any sort of super powers or genetic mutations. Perhaps a parody of Franklin Richards, son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman. Richard has previously voiced concerns that he may not be the father.
  • Ned (voiced by Christopher McCulloch): Sally and Cody's mentally handicapped cousin. Has a pale orange, lumpy appearance. He is stronger than ordinary people, but not nearly as strong or impervious to harm as The Thing. He has been described as a "giant callus".
  • Cody (voiced by Christopher McCulloch): Sally's brother. Bursts into flames when exposed to oxygen. Unlike the Human Torch, he cannot control this very painful reaction, so he is kept in an air-tight container. As a result, he is usually in a state of unconsciousness.
Ultimate Fantastic Four(, Fantastic four first family(, Movie Fantastic Four, Heroes Reborn Fantastic Four(, Stan Lee's outline of what he thought the first appearance of the Fantastic Four should look like(
Ben Grimm refuses to fly Reed Richards' ship the Astraea because it needs Lateral Monitors on it in order to be ready to fly. As a result, Reed asks Victor von Doom be the ship's pilot. This results in the horrific mutation and subsequent deaths of all on-board. Grimm avoids becoming the Thing, but is left to live with the guilt of thinking he could have prevented the tragedy.
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