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Reed did what?

What? No one cares that the World's Smartest Man shot off the head of the World's Most Pompous Merman in front of the World's Greatest Man?
Latest issue of the World's Greatest Comic Magazine...
Maybe you should try not posting spoilers in the title of your threads...
How is that a spoiler? It's been out a week and there's a thread about this in the Marvel Comics section. Go whine about something substantial.
Oh, wow. A whole week.

Does the thread in the Marvel Comics section have a spoiler in the title?
THAT's what I'm talking about! Just look at how that insanity infected the comics!

Poor dead FF boards...
Even knowing the spoiler beforehand, I was really surprised by Reed's action. It just came out of nowhere!
1) Pure jealosy.

2) He's evil.

3) He's evil AND a Skrull

4) He's hyper-intellegent and quickly detected that they were androids.
Figured out who were androids? What the hell?

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