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World Regarding the Spidey-Suit

Daddy Long-legs

Scarlet Spider Wannabe
Jun 22, 2012
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I've been wondering about it. For one, How does he originally get it in the Comics? and if the Comic version were real, what would it be made of? (60's materials) and another issue, how does he Hide it under his normal clothes? The shoes are a particular issue. How would you fit them in normal shoes?

I know I may be over-analyzing this, but I'd really appreciate some answers.
In the Ultimate comics, Peter got the Spidey suit when he signed up to do the wrestling gig and they saw that his makeshift outfit was below satisfactory. All he really did to it was draw the webs.

After it got damaged and whatnot, Mary Jane whipped up new suits and/or repaired them for Peter.

That's really all I know, but from what I remember of the little bit I've read from the original 616 run, he initially got it from the wrestling gig, too. I'll let a more die-hard fan confirm or deny that, though.
My question about Spidey's suit is...
How the f*** does he put it on?
It looks like one piece of clothing!
He squeezes in through the neck, it's the only opening. Then puts on the mask.
In 616, Peter sewed his own costume in 1 or 2 panels in Amazing Fantasy #15, invented the webshooters in another panel, then declared himself Spider-Man. Nobody had ever heard of decompressed storytelling then :D

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