World Remember the stop motion spider-man videos?


May 28, 2006
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okay this is for oldbies only. but remember when this was spider-man hype? and there was one guy with doc oct in his name who made some really cool stop motion videos with the movie spider-man figures early 2002? i'm just seeing if that guy is still around or whats up with that.
I don't know if it were his but I did a really good one from here that someone linked. Then i found one that was like a comic type stop motion where is had the figures and it had bubbles of what they were saying. Don't remember names though :p
yeah i remember that, he had his site and such. I remember he had spider-man vs green goblin all very well done may i add
I recall watching the Spidey vs. Green Goblin stop-motion. There was a link in the old media section, right?
Hey that was me, I'm actually trying to find a copy of that long stop mo I did, apparently my cd rom backups have corrupted from so long ago. If anyone has a copy I'd be stoked :p let me know

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