Resolutions and Goals for 2007

God, I need to work out some more.
04nbod said:
it wasn't until i went to art college this year that i met friends who were like me-artists are all crazy:woot:

and they don't mind coming the comic shop with me.:woot::woot:
fun! for me buying comics and books are still a lonely endeavour, and I don't mind it's relaxing... :D
One of my biggest resolutions is to get MONEY.

and make my girlfriend proud.

I know it sounds cheesy, but every year I really do try to make resolutions that will make me a better person. This year I really want to try to stop worrying about petty things.
- I've been trying to work on my small-talk with just random people, I'm not very good at it and since I've moved to a new city and have no friends here, I want to continue to get better at just small chatting with people

- get accepted to a great grad school

- stop biting my cuticles

- find lots of freelance graphic/web design work so I can save some more money and get some variety in my portfolio

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