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Returning reader question re OYL


May 3, 2006
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Can someone clue me in on what that's all about please? I am considering purchasing again after a few year's hiatus and i am particularly interested in Tim Drake / Robin.

OYL is One Year Later... DC just had a huge event called "Infinite Crisis," after which all titles jumped forward one year... what happened in that year is being told in a weekly series entitled "52"
other events pertaining to certain characters may be revealed in their respective books... but right now, no one really knows what happened... as far as Robin/Tim, him, Bats & Nightwing took a year to train and travel the world retracing the footsteps Bruce took to become Batman
If you like Tim Drake, then you need to jump onto Teen Titans, because there's some major stuff going on with him in there. Start with issue #34
I'd suggest getting all of the Robin OYL later issues that have come out up until now, in addition to Teen Titans. Since you like Tim, you really should pick it up. Teen Titans is a bit better, but Robin has been very solid so far.

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