Making fun of the OYL stories about Tim and Cassandra


Apr 30, 2004
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A week ago I bought a copy of the "Robin: Wanted" TPB. That's the one which reprints the first several issues of Beechen's run, beginning with the "OYL" story arc which introduced us to the bold idea of "Cassandra Cain has turned evil during the missing year!"

I had never read that material before -- just seen online reviews of it. After reading it straight through, I found I must agree with those who have complained in the past that it didn't make much sense . . . for various reasons.

But I like to think my imagination is reasonably healthy, so I asked myself: "How could these plot twists become a little more plausible than they are in the official version? What was really happening between Cassandra and Tim when Batman wasn't around?" I ended up writing out a parody which attempts to answer those questions.

In the last few days, I've posted two chapters of the parody over on FanFiction. Those of you who felt Cassandra Cain's character got butchered back in 2006 might find it amusing!

Batgirl & Robin: Strategy Sessions
I see it's been two months since I started this thread. Since that time, I've added two more chapters to my ongoing parody. Just now I posted Chapter 4 over on FanFiction -- the one that gives my own take on the events of "Supergirl #14." (That was the issue in which Evil Cass tried to kill Kara Zor-El, and would have succeeded, if not for some crystal spikes suddenly sprouting from Kara's body!)
The parody has now grown to 7 chapters; the latest was posted today. (With more to come.)

Chapter 7 is the one where Cassandra finally corners Tim and gets him to talk about the nature of his feelings . . . he'd rather have gone a quick five rounds with Lady Shiva in a duel to the death, I feel certain!

Of course the parody is still at: Batgirl & Robin: Strategy Sessions

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