Roberts and Owen to Star in Duplicity

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Oct 24, 2004
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Roberts & Owen Get Closer For Duplicity

Date: November 1, 2007

By: Kellvin Chavez
Source: Variety

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen are set to star in "Duplicity," a Universal Pictures drama that was written and will be directed by Tony Gilroy, reports Variety.

Roberts and Owen are re-teaming after pairing in the Mike Nichols-directed "Closer," in which they played a married couple that clashed over her infidelity.

"Duplicity" offers the chance for the same kind of sparks in a caper pic set in the world of big business. They play longtime lovers who happened to work as spies on opposite sides. They team up to stage an elaborate con to rip off corporations and steal a valuable product.

The film will begin production in March, and is Gilroy's second directing effort following the George Clooney-starrer "Michael Clayton." Gilroy previously wrote three "Bourne Identity" films for Universal.

Roberts will next be seen starring with Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman in the Nichols-directed "Charlie Wilson's War." Owen, who just opened in "Elizabeth: The Golden Age," takes the job after starring in the Tom Tykwer-directed "The International."
When I first saw the title I had a brain fart and thought this was going to be the sequel to multiplicity starring Owen Wilson. I need a vacation :csad:
When I first saw the title I had a brain fart and thought this was going to be the sequel to multiplicity starring Owen Wilson. I need a vacation :csad:

Your not the only one.

Thornton, Wilkinson Join Duplicity
Source: Variety
January 24, 2008

Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Wilkinson are set to star with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen in Duplicity, the Universal Pictures drama written and to be directed by Tony Gilroy. Laura Bickford is producing.

Wilkinson reteams with Gilroy right after he received a supporting actor Oscar nomination for the Gilroy-directed Michael Clayton.

Thornton and Wilkinson will play the CEOs of rival pharmaceutical companies racing to corner the market on an innovation that will bring wild profits. Roberts and Owen play corporate spies who try to manipulate which corporation will win.
Clive Owen? Cool mother****er. Tom Wilkinson? Good actor. Julia Roberts? Hate her guts. Story sounds boring to, but I'll wait for a trailer, cause I'm interested in anything that stars Clive Owen.
Giamatti Joins Gilroy's 'Duplicity'
– Paul Giamatti has joined Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, and Tom Wilkinson in the cast of Universal's Duplicity, which director Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton) will helm from his own script. Giamatti will play a big-time corporate industrialist who spars with a rival titan, played by Wilkinson. Roberts and Owen will play rival corporate operatives as well, but ones also having a clandestine love affair. Giamatti is currently starring with Wilkinson in HBO's seven-part miniseries John Adams, based on a book by David McCullough. (Variety)

Heard about Giamatti. He has had a shockingly raw and realistic role as John Adams, and I love that. And I love him as an actor. Great choice. :up:
Wilkinson was great in Michael Clayton, I could give this a go.
A fun and serious look at the spy lore? Count me in. :up:

More set pics at the link.


Looks like slick fun. :up: That's the hottest Julia Roberts has looked in a LONG time as well.
Clive Owen gets to play a MI6 Agent, sans the JAMES BOND TITLE!!!
Yes! This looks great! I still think Owen would of made a great Bond. This proves it dammit!
Looks like a good date movie.
Clive Owen should pick better films, this one looks just as uninteresting and bland as The International.
I like Owen, but I can't stand Roberts, and this looks like more of her typical 1D lame-ass romantic comedy crap mixed with a softened spy flick...I thought Mr. and Mrs. Smith was horrible and this sort of reminds me of that.

I'll probably skip it.
I'l see it. I liked Michael Clayton. I'm fan of Owen and Wilkinson.

+ I highly enjoyed the last Owen/Roberts collaboration, Closer. Though mainly because of Portman and Owen.

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