Scary Plane Landing (Video)

I don't know why I let myself watch scary plane stuff :(
As if snakes on a plane weren't bad you have to survive snakes and crosswinds......geebus.
damn thats nuts? thank God it wasnt worse

kudos to the pilot for what he was able to do
heh, plane looks like it was performing some professional drifting....

Lucky it wasn't an Indonesian Airlines pilot behind the wheel :o
Must have been some strong force.
Yoda was on the tarmac that day.
how come whenever there is news, it seems to come out on the Hype a day or two later?
Did anybody see that landing in Miami where the plane's front landing gear was malfunctioning? It only happened about 10 days ago. All the news channels had it. The pilot somehow pulled it off by keeping the front end of the plane elevated as it slowed down with the backs. He deserves kudos as well.
obviously the force was with the pilot on this one
im so glad i wasnt on that. my voice would be gone.

you'd probably get a good adrenaline kick though-like watchin a scary movie.:shock

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