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Sep 11, 2001
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This is an assignment I'm supposed to have finished for the 30th. So any speedy feedback would be appreciated. The assignment is to pretty much write a creative piece of fiction.

The sound of gravel and stones shifting under the weight of a man walking filled my ears. Then I realized it was me that was walking, out in the open, in a desolate park. There were trees at either side of me, tall and dark. The sky overhead was grey and suffocating. I had the feeling of being disconnected from what I was doing. I couldn’t stop myself from walking further up the gravel path. I felt more like I was watching events on a TV, everything felt filtered by a screen. There were patches of long grass coming out from the gravel in places, and I could feel a wind blowing, making me shiver. Everything felt grey and cold.

I could hear music… not like it was coming from a distance. But like it was coming from speakers, right next to my ears. It sounded like a cheesy 80s synthesizer, just playing the same two notes over and over again, with a background hum. I looked at my own feet walking along the gravel, kicking the stones aside, when I became aware of a figure up ahead. I slowly looked up. Just within sight to my left stood a figure in black. It stood in the shadows where the trees were very thick. As it emerged from the trees, I could see it was shrouded in a black cloak, the shadow under its hood pitch black. I could not see its face, hands or feet. It moved slowly, almost gliding towards me. An ominous feeling overtook me. All at once fear had gripped my throat. I felt like someone was sitting on my chest. My heart was beating louder and louder, blood pulsing through my ears – I shouldn’t be here! I don’t want to be here! I started panicking, my heart beating ever louder, and then I knew. It’s a dream! It’s a dream! Wake up! WAKE UP!!! The figure in black was right in front of me... Its eyes…

“AAAGH!!” I sat up quickly in my bed, flailing my arms in front of me like an idiot. I realized I had forced myself awake and the nightmare was over. I was still panting, my forehead covered in sweat. The room was pitch black. I could only barely make out the outlines of the objects in my room. Growing up I shared my room with my older brother, and when he moved out it took me awhile to get used to being in a room on my own. I never quite got used to being in the dark. My imagination plays tricks on me. The chair with clothes flung over it could be mistaken for a little person with a hunchback. Someone could be standing in the corner watching me and I wouldn’t know. The dark shadows in my room took shapes my imagination gave to them. I was frozen to the bed with fear.

I hated the dark as a child. It would envelope everything like a cloud, making it seem like things were there that weren’t. I would imagine things dressed in black standing at the foot of my bed watching me. The wardrobe would stand ominously over me. I’d try to sink into my bed, drawing the bed covers over me, peeking out over them. I’d get the blanket to cover everything… if I let my foot out something might grab it. My brother would be elsewhere sometimes, and he always hated it when I woke him. I would lay like that for hours, too afraid to sleep, too afraid to get to the lightswitch.

Breathing loudly, gradually, I reached for the TV remote and on came the TV, which illuminated my room in a dull light, and brought everything into focus. As I suspected, the chair with clothes flung over it was exactly that, and there was no one in the corner watching me. Empty bags from video stores and receipts lay under the bed when I had a look. DVDs and books were strewn over the floor. Watching the TV, I had realized that was what my dream was like. It seemed everything was covered by a filter in the dream. The filter of the glass of a TV… and that music…

I sat watching the late night news for the next hour. By this time I was calm enough to get out of bed and go to the bathroom, and I had already mostly forgotten the dream. Looking into the bathroom mirror, I could see my own dark eyes, black underneath them like I had been punched in each eye. It was simply the result of having too many late nights watching movies and playing video games. I had gradually become more and more disgusted by the shape of my own body. It was becoming more and more plump, and situps were no longer enough to make it look firm. I washed my face, washing the dreariness away. I looked into the corners of the mirror… I never much liked mirrors… they could play tricks with your imagination too. Look around quickly enough and you could swear that just for an instant you saw something move in the corner of your eye. And what if just staring at the mirror something were to just step out behind you? Or what if the image you were looking at, the mirror reality, were to just gain a life of its own separate from yourself? Stop it! I had to calm myself down. Stop scaring yourself! I went back to bed and watched TV until I fell back to sleep. This time, my dreams were peaceful and uneventful. I would wake up in the morning, and wouldn’t even remember I had had a nightmare at all… and then I heard the music…

I came awake, hearing those familiar notes of music. The TV was still on (didn’t I turn it off?) and some cheap movie was showing. It had a grainy filter which made everything look grey. It felt distinctly like an 80’s horror film, with bad actors and bad moustaches, and cheap sets. There was some sort of cabin, and the plot revolved around a group of 20 something’s watching a horror movie which greatly reflected their own situation – stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. In the movie they were watching, small alien creatures were hiding behind furniture, and running off at the last second before being discovered, making the characters question their own and each other’s sanity. A movie within a movie. Eventually, the same alien creatures were appearing in the “real” cabin. They thought nothing of it, because they caught only fleeting glimpses of the creatures. Then, as they were watching the movie, one of the creatures, a sort of overgrown worm with a mouth and large fangs, appeared on the shoulder of the leading man, and took a big chunk out of his neck. Cheesy movies like this always made me laugh, and this was no exception. But the familiar music was unnerving.

The scene changed, and someone was walking down a gravel path in some desolate park. The point of view was from the character walking, and he looked behind him briefly, the cabin way in the distance behind him. He kept walking further, the same two note music was getting louder and louder now. The grainy filter was more intense. All of a sudden I wanted nothing more than to turn this movie off. The tension was building up in my chest, my stomach turning in a knot. On the TV, the trees were tall and dark, grass sprouted out from the gravel path. It seemed too familiar. I almost felt like I could feel the breeze of the wind from that place.

A tall figure in black stood in the distance behind the trees. The camera almost missed it it past the figure so quickly, but I saw it.

I grabbed for the TV remote, risking that something might reach out from under the bed as I took it. The camera angle focused this time on the figure in the black cloak. I pressed the button to change the channel. Nothing happened. I pressed the off button. Nothing. C’mon, don’t scare yourself, it’s just a movie. The batteries of the remote are dead. Just walk over to the TV, and turn it off. I thought I would just lay there in fear, desperately willing the TV to turn off, but the image of the figure in black drifting closer and closer to the camera was too much. I got myself up and rushed quickly to the TV. I pressed the off button frantically. It wouldn’t turn off! It wouldn’t turn off! My eyes widened in horror. In that instant I remembered, I remembered that this is what I had dreamed, and now it was coming true. The figure in black stood directly in front of the TV screen now, like it was looking directly at me from the other side of the screen.

The view on the screen changed. I saw myself, standing in front of the TV, as if a camera were inside it recording me. Behind me, stood the figure in black…
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