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Schumacher and Nolan Batman vs. Tim Burton Batman


Mar 5, 2013
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Okay, this inspired me from all the other threads in this section.

If the Nolan Batman and Schumacher Batman fell into a vat of chemicals and came out merged as one. Would they be able to go up against the Burton Batman? Which side would win? Nomacher Bats or Burton Bats?

Some background.

The Burton Batman (from the 89 old series) is the one who eats bullets, kills dudes and is a pretty short, balding dude. He has a pretty cool car though.


He has to go up against.

The Nolan Batman is the one from the first three Nolan films, he's been Batman for a year and half then quit and retired. Also a cripple with a horrible throat cancer voice. He can turn his head.


The Schumacher Batman, the one from the first two Schumacher movies. The one with the big codpieces and nips on the suit who's had a facelift that made him look like George Clooney for some reason. Has a credit card with an unlimited balance.

Merged into one (95' to 2012 modern series),


Who wins?

I voted Nolan and Schumacher. Magical knee braces and nipples always win, you can't beat a villain like Bane either. Also the only good Batman is a happy Batman.
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You state that as though I've acted juvenile before?

I assume these polls are for fun right? Vote and have fun!
I'll go with the ninja with better tech over the murdering Batman. Plus, I hear he's got a sweet credit card.
You state that as though I've acted juvenile before?

I assume these polls are for fun right? Vote and have fun!

Oh yes, you have, many times.

And now you called me "lil' Anno".

Poor milost, there once was a time when I cared about reading your posts. That has changed quickly.
It's a loss on the forums as a whole. When we thought there was another "good one"...afraid not.
No, I said "we", so I'm Gordon. That makes you the nut.

Wrong character in the role playing, unless you want me to be Batman.

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