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The Avengers Script for homework.


Spiderman's sidekick.
Jan 28, 2005
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Help! I need to find a copy of the script that's online that I can copy and paste from. I googled it and couldn't find it. Can someone help?
It won't let me without a prime membership. Could someone PM me a mediafire link to the PDF? please I need it. :woot:
Same here, I'm not paying for it.
Could you please send me the link, too? I'd appreciate it.
Yeah I'm thinking it's a copy too, The original I know for a fact had the Man out of Time that was in the Avengers Novel
I couldn't find any jokey asides in the script, which is why I suspect those aren't Whedon's words. But I seriously doubt any school teachers could tell it's a fake.
lol Yeah I'd be surprised if there WAS an actual Joss script out there, he's a nerd too ya know? lol
It's false. I remember Hemsworth saying that, on the script, when Hulk punches Thor in the third act it said something along the lines 'HULK punches THOR in his big, Norse face'.

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