Season 1, Episode 6 "Immortal Emerges from Cave" (USE SPOILER TAGS!)

Discussion in 'Iron Fist' started by Kane52630, Mar 16, 2017.

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    I really enjoyed this episode. Probably my favorite so far.
    The court room business side kinda bores me but I think it shows Danny’s emotional side. Which seems to be his weakness based on his inner dialogue with the monk. I recognized the monk’s voice. Yay

    I enjoy the trials of him fighting different Hand fighters. It felt like a video game and moving to the next level. I kinda wished there was more to the fight with the two butchers, but the fight with the poisoner was very entertaining and didn’t involve many hits at all. I felt a lady deathstrike vibe when she kept sticking him with the needles lol
    The last fight was good and GAO ain’t playing. She has no honor haha (in my head I hear the quote from Mulan). I’m curious as to who the other Iron Fist she met was and how she was able to do what she did to Danny. I don’t know anything about the comic verse.

    I kinda like how Claire is the thread that connects the shows. She reminds me so much of Cecelia Reyes. I wonder if she is based off of her.

    Wondering more about the Ward storyline. I don’t really like him but he is intriguing.

    Side note: Colleen was badass in the hotel hallway. Sometimes her moves are a lot cooler than Danny’s.
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    This episode has the best material so far. Just wish the fighting skills were more convincing.

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