Sexiest X-women!


First, the X-Board would be a smarter place.

Second, proper spelling, useful.
Olcanucklehead said:
Who would you vote for if the X-gals had a beauty pagent?

I'd also vote you learn to spell their names correctly.

Jubilee not Jubalie.

Psylocke not Psylock.

Kitty Pryde not Kitty Pryd.

Rogue not Rouge.

Scarlet Witch not Scarlet Which
For me it's a toss up between Rogue, Psylocke and Mystique. I can't decide which one. Although if I took Mystique she could look like the other two anytime I wanted. Hmmmm........:venom:
White Queen followed quickly by Mystique... hopefully their headed into a bedroom, but who knows.
Jean Grey probably...i'm a sucker for red heads...

Rogue would be aight too, I like the accent ;)
Jean Grey was always before. But I love Cassidy's Kitty in Astonishing
Rogue. Thats her thing. She so pretty but no one can touch her.
Jean followed by Mystique, third would be Emma.
Mystique. there's just something sexy about a woman with brains, leadership ability, and lax morals.
Mystique, she could easily be all of them, or just take one good quality from all of them. HOCHACHACHACHA!!!!
There was a existing thread,it was also 2 years old i belive..

I voted for Psylocke.
Psylocke. Cmon an asian with big breast what could be more beautifull?
I'll vote for Jean Gray next is Mystique and the winner is Psylocke

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