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SHH Film Fantasy League


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Jan 26, 2006
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SHH Film Fantasy League

Here is how it works. Everyone who wants to play will all start off with $500 million cash. You will then use that money to 'buy' movies that you want to play the game with based on the film's budget according to boxofficemojo.com. Once your movie is released in theaters (domestic/US), you will earn the total domestic/US box office total after 4 weeks according to boxofficemojo.com. Then, you will have either more or less money to buy more movies and continue or not continue the game. You can go big and bet on big summer blockbusters or go small and purchase a lot of smaller flicks. Simple? That part is. Here is where it gets interesting. You will also have to guess for each movie what the final critical response percentage will be according to rottentomatoes.com. If you guess correctly within +/-10%, you get an additional 10% back of the budget. If you guess correctly within +/-5%, you get an additional 15% back of the budget. If you guess correctly within +/-2%, you get an additional 25% back of the budget.

Here is an example:

1. Star Trek Into Darkness 85%
2. Mud 78%

$500 million (beginning total) - $190 million (Star Trek budget) - $10 million (Mud budget) = $300 million (to buy other movies).

Star Trek 87% - 85% = +/- 2% = ($47.5 million)
Mud 98% - 78% = +/- 20% = ($0 million)

$300 million + $47.5 million = $347.5 million for the game.

This game will be in 6 intervals (6 months) and will start 7/1/13 and will end 12/31/13. If no budget is on boxofficemojo.com, I will use wikepedia. I will check the RT%'s on the 4th week when I add up the domestic gross. If the RT% changes after that, tough titty. What I say goes. Questions? SIGN UP!

Everyone must post their first list by midnight 6/30/13. You CANNOT edit your post after the month has begun. If you edit your post for the month of July beginning 7/1/13, you will be DQ'd. The game will be done in months. Everything will be then totaled up at the end of each month. You will then post your next month no later than midnight 7/30/13 and so on. You again cannot edit that month's list beginning 8/1/13 and so on. If you use more money than you have, the lowest costing movie in your list will not count. I will try to total up everything a couple of days before the beginning of the next month. You can also keep track of sort of where you are.

The player at the end with the most money wins!
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