Shh! President Elections?

there better not ever be a citizenship test where you have to remember the hype presidents.
uhhhhh.... back in '04 i think. we had elections. they were fake. but fun
doubtful. shes pretty much the worst peron youd want to bump into here. aside from JLBats and maybe jonty30 (aka War Lord)
yup. just by one vote, though. Maxwell's Demon nearly got it
we dont have any of that crap here. the title of president is pretty much nothin here
you can if ya want. i was gonna run too, i could be your Vice President, or vice-versa
Hang on, can I assume that you're not really someone who joined in April 2006? You seem to know an awful lot for a newly registered member.
ah yes now i remember it was part of survivor.

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