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Dec 28, 2007
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I had an x-men night the other week and i came across something i thought odd but quiet interesting...

In the begining of x-men origins wolverine... Hugh Jackman didnt have his muscles, he had some but not what he has now. Something i found funny was how wolverine looks younger in x1 than he did in wolverine movie... cant help that the guy is getting older.

But it occured to me, they used that face de-ageing thing on patrick stewart, although his creepy clown face in wolverine movie was enough to give me the creeps. It worked pretty well in The last stand.

So i was thinking...

Say they make wolverine 2 and 3, and 3 leading up to just before the bar scene in x1... Should hugh jackman loose alot of weight and muscle so he ends up like he is in x1? then use computer software to slightly de-age him?

I had thought about how we would explain it. You could say secondary mutation and adamantium posioning which is causing his body to be weaker than it should be, so he looses muscle mass and his skin becomes paler.

Actually thats not that bad an idea... Pre-Wolverine he was toned, but he only got his adamantium near the end of the film so his body wouldnt start to be effected by adamantium posioning... because of his healing factor you would think he would be constatly curing himself of it. But think about it, what if it was slowley killing... On a very slow rate mind... actually you know what would of been cool. is if At the end of x-men the last stand when wolverine confronts phoenix, and she was de-atomizing everything, they should of had her remove the adamantium from his bones to reveal bone claws... now that would be a set up. Then wolverine wouldnt be paler and weaker looking as he did since x1 but not in wolverine movie.

I think we can actually save the x-men franchise
I think you are reading too much into the whole muscles here and not there, etc. Wolverine 3 may take place after Last Stand so who knows. With enough makeup people will simply be forced to accept that it's pre-X-men. They aren't going to unload their budget on de-aging ****. I am all for it, but I am also reasonable.
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i def dont think that this is much of a problem. the movies are meant to be watched in the order they have been made, not chronologically.

and it certainly isnt something that is going to ruin the franchise.
No, I don't think that matters. The only reason he wasn't in the XMO shape in X1 was because he was cast late and didn't have the time to work out for the role like he did in the other movies. It had nothing to do with where the character was at the time.
Well...the one thing I don't get is...every body seems to think that Wolverine or Storm might be in X-Men: First Class.

The studio has already stated that the Movie would be based on the recent Comic Book X-Men: First Class...which means we will be getting the original 5 X-Men(Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Beast, & Iceman). And Singers has said it will also cover the friendship of Xavier & Magnito...and their eventual falling out.

So I don't think the "de-aging" any of the X-Men will from the other Movies will be a problem.
We're not getting the original five X-Men. This is a prequel and Iceman and Angel were too young to be members of the team at the time. This film will probably be based on the First Class comic just as much as X2 was based of God Loves, Man Kills and X3 was based off The Dark Phoenix Saga and the cure saga from Astonishing X-Men. Storm is possible because in the movie universe she could have joined the team at that point. Wolverine isn't possible because it's pretty clear X1 was the first time he met the team after his mind wiping.

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