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Sequels Should they make the movie about the Death of Superman?

The Overlord

Mar 10, 2002
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Should they make a movie about the Death of Superman?
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they already did

but really, forget this question until we have a Superman worth seeing go through the death & rebirth
I don't think it's necessary to make a live action movie myself as I feel years down the line you could do an epic Lord of the Rings styled trilogy with the storyline. Same could've been done with the Dark Knight Returns (I know it still could but would have to be way way down the line) but if course Nolan used several elements of it in the Dark Knight Rises so it would seem too similar. With the current MOS though if we are to get a trilogy I would love the 3rd film to have an All Star Superman ending.
I love the idea of a third Superman film featuring the death of Superman. Or the third film could feature Darkseid...
If he "dies" in the end of the trilogy, it would be depressing, but also groundbreaking. Also, there could be a lull in Superman movies to introduce other heroes. Then, at the end of that lull, Zack Snyder could do a literal adaptation of the Return of Superman comics. You know you want to see Superboy fight Cyborg Superman in slow-mo, don't lie. :cwink:
I wouldn't mind seeing some take on the "Death and Return" story for the third film. The trick IMO would be to do it without it feeling like a straight-up rehash of "The Dark Knight Rises", which basically went down a somewhat-similar path. Maybe have Superman lose his powers in some kind of sacrifice play at the end of the second film as some alien menace to make Zod's army look like Romper Room is seen advancing toward Earth, and have him spend the bulk of the third film looking for a way to get his powers back while said menace is running roughshod all over the Earth. It's not QUITE death, but what the heck, the rest of the world would think he's dead.
The name alone would guarantee a response.

Movie #1 - Man Of Steel
Movie #2 - Man Of Tomorrow
Movie #3 - The Death Of Superman

I think people would flock to see that movie. I'm not sure how it play out, but hey if they could keep all the major players around for a fourth film... then you could split the story arch over two movies and go with "Superman Lives" for Movie #4.
No definitely not. makes me kind of uneasy it even being suggested here. I truly hated that storyline.
Not for a while.

We just had a movie full of Kryptonians. The Reign story is chock full of em.

The death portions is also a very shallow story. It mostly hinged of the reserve Justice League members for story as opposed to Superman.

I also don't think it's that cap. Death of Superman isn't about the end but a new beginning for the man of steel. The aftermath gave us Steel, Superboy, Eradicator, and Cyborg Superman. Green Lantern went nuts. The DC universe dealt with the idea that gods can die and then Supermans Resurrection made him 20 times more powerful in the minds of people. God's can die and be reborn.

Also the mullet and Supermans marriage to Lois.
i'm sure if the DCcu goes the way WB wants it to, then i'm sure superman will die. not sure if it's at the hands of doomsday or brainiac or luthor or whoever, but WB has been trying to years to make a superman film where he superman is killed off
Both Cavill & Snyder have expressed interest in a Death of Superman story. The trick here is if you are planning to bring in Doomsday is to not make it seem like a rehash of Zod vs Superman. Plus the only way I really ever see the people of Metropolis truly embracing Superman is if he dies for them and is then reborn, then he could truly become this Christ figure in the people's eyes.
i would like a death, but no return. returning would completely defeat the purpose of killing off superman and having the world move on without him in the first place.

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